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Sylvania H4656 Headlight Bulb XtraVision Halogen
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  • Brand: Sylvania

Sylvania H4656 Headlight Bulb

XtraVision Halogen

Sold Individually

Sylvania® Brand

Item# H4656XV

This is a universal / semi-custom fit item so please review the description/specifications on this page before placing your order.


  • Brighter than your original stock bulbs.
  • Replaces your factory sealed beam headlight.
  • 100% Street Legal.
  • This bulb is a direct replacement which connects to your factory plugs.
  • Increases downroad and sideroad visibility.
  • Want to upgrade your stock head light bulbs with a brighter bulb without the expense of higher performance bulbs? Sylvania has the answer for you. These great XtraVision Halogen H4656 headlight bulbs from Sylvania deliver 3 times more light on the road and twice the life when compared to your stock head light bubs. Backed by the Sylvania name, a leader in the automotive lighting industry, each H4656 XtraVision Halogen head light bulb features simple plug in installation using your factory headlamp assembly plugs. Improve your nightime visibility now with a set of these XtraVision Halogen H4656 head light bulbs from Sylvania today, you'll be happy you did.


  • Logo: Rating (Hi Beam/Low Beam); Volts = 12/12; Watts = 55/35; Color Temp. (Kelvin) = 3200k
  • Style: H4656 Style Bulb
  • Type: Lens type: 2A1Rectangular bulb measures 6-1/2" wide x 4-1/4" tall.Dual Filament for high and low beam.

  • Sylvania H4656 Headlight Bulb XtraVision Halogen