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Subaru: Uniting Performance and Innovation

Everywhere you look, chances are you'll see a Subaru. Whether it's a tuned Impreza WRX sliding around a corner of the World Rally Racing circuit or a Forester hauling a family and their gear to the mountains for a weekend camping trip, Subaru's tradition of rugged durability has made it the choice of drivers around the globe. Not only rally car racers appreciate the sure-footed "beauty of all-wheel drive" and the "Horizontally -Opposed Engine" that allows for Subaru's better handling and efficiency. Many families appreciate Subaru's safety record and tuners on the sport compact car scene love the power and style Subaru has to offer. The number of older Subaru wagons and sedans still on the road is proof of Subaru's commitment to quality. By uniting quality, safety and innovation, Subaru has built a following of loyal Subaru owners and is a powerful piece of the Fuji Heavy Industries family.

The story of Subaru begins in Japan in the 1950's. In 1953, five Japanese companies united to form Fuji Heavy Industries. For the name of their automotive company, the newly formed Fuji Heavy Industries chose the Japanese word for "unite", or Subaru. Since Subaru is also the name for a group of stars called the Pleiades, located in the Taurus constellation, the six stars were designated as the Subaru logo. But it seems the name and logo would fit Subaru perfectly. Uniting research and development done in the lab with performance testing on the track creates the innovations found in Subaru cars today.

To build quality cars, Subaru starts with quality parts. If it's Subaru maintenance parts (for example oil filters, air filter, clutch discs, brake pads), Subaru performance parts (for example shocks, mufflers, exhaust kits, air intakes) or Subaru accessories (for example floor mats, pet barriers, cargo trays), if it bears the Subaru names you are guaranteed Subaru trusts it be of the same quality they would install or use in their cars. Because of Subaru's popularity united with a quality product line, Brandsport is proud to offer Subaru parts and accessories.

Subaru Tecnica International and Subaru Performance Tuning

Established in Tokyo, Japan, on April 2, 1988, Subaru Tecnica International, or STi, is the racing and performance development arm of Subaru. Responsible for Subaru Motorsports Activities, STi has helped Subaru bring home four WRC championship titles and made Subaru a powerful force in the world of rally car racing. STi's research and development has not only allowed Subaru to bring home racing titles, it's also led to STi advancements being used to improve the handling and performance of Subaru's road cars as well.

Through Subaru Performance Tuning (SPT) many of the STi developed parts and accessories are available to enthusiasts of Subaru performance. Accessories such as front end covers, various body spoilers and wheels can dress up the exterior of your Subaru while shift knobs and gauges give the interior a race-ready feel. SPT offers STi performance parts such as front and rear strut tower braces, short-throw shifters, suspension kits and exhaust kits to help you make your Subaru look and perform how you want. Since STi is directly associated with Subaru and develops parts and accessories to boost the performance of Subaru cars, for the track and the freeway, you're guaranteed a perfect fit and performance of STi and SPT parts and accessories.


Subaru, STi and SPT Warranty Information

Subaru stands behind the quality of its parts and accessories. Through Subaru of America, genuine Subaru parts and accessories, Subaru remanufactured parts and accessories; STi parts and accessories and SPT parts and accessories are covered by a limited, one-year warranty. Subaru's limited one-year warranty begins when the part or accessory is purchased and only covers parts and accessories that fail within one year of purchase date. Please note some Subaru and STi parts and accessories are exempt from the Subaru limited one-year warranty.

The Subaru limited warranty covers every owner of the car during the warranty period. If you buy or sell a Subaru, in order for the new owner of said Subaru to gain the full benefit of the Subaru limited warranty he or she must have the proof of purchase documents of the parts or accessories. If a Subaru part or accessory should fail during the one-year coverage period, the owner of the vehicle must have documented proof of purchase for warranty coverage.


Subaru Warranty for Wear Items

Subaru of America considers pad/shoe linings, clutch disk linings and wiper blades as wear items. Regardless of mileage, Subaru covers wear items under a 90-day limited warranty.


Subaru Warranty for Remanufactured Parts

Unless otherwise specified, genuine Subaru Remanufactured Replacement Parts are guaranteed for a period of one year from purchase date, regardless of vehicle mileage.


Items Not Covered by the Subaru Limited Warranty

Because some performance parts and accessories may bring your vehicle outside of the emission and/or safety standards, Subaru of America offers no warranty for these parts and accessories. These parts are sold "as is" and no warranty is assured or implied. Some of these items are listed below:

-STi Fog Lamp covers
-Subaru Performance Strut Set
-Subaru Performance Spring Set
-STi Performance Suspension Kit
-STi Rear Strut Tower Brace
-Subaru Performance Muffler for the Impreza WRX
-STi Brake Hose Set
-STi Timing Belt
-STi Clutch Disk, 5MM
-STi Clutch Cover
-SPT High Flow Air Intake System
-Subaru High Flow Replacement Element
-STi Clutch Disc, Organic 8MM
-STi Clutch Cover, 8MM
-STi Flywheel
-STi Air Cleaner Element
-STi Radiator Cap
-STi Radiator Hose Set


What is NOT covered by the Subaru limited warranty

-parts and accessories covered by other written warranties from Subaru of America or the manufacturer.

-parts and accessories installed on the vehicle prior to or at the time of vehicle delivery.

-performance of any normal maintenance services or replacement of any normal maintenance or wear items.

-normal deterioration of appearance items

-labor and material expenses for repairs unless part or accessory was originally installed by an Authorized Subaru Dealer

-replacement of lost or contaminated lubricants or fluids unless the loss or contamination was the direct result of a defect covered under this warranty

The Subaru limited warranty also does not cover parts and accessories that malfunction, fail or are damaged due to:

-objects or road hazards that strike the vehicle during on or off road use

-collision, accident, abuse, neglect, misuse or any other causes beyond the control of Subaru of America

-failure to follow guidelines and instructions set forth in the Owner's Manual and the Schedule of Recommended Inspection and Maintenance for the car as outlined in the Warranty and Service Booklet

-not following the fuel recommendations found in the Owner's Manual

-improper or incorrect installation, adjustment or repair to vehicle and/or parts and accessories or installation of parts or accessories not approved or recommended by Subaru of America

-alterations made by changing, adding or removing the parts or accessories from the vehicle
-using the car for commercial purposes unless Subaru of America issues a written exclusion

-use of the car for any race or competition

-the vehicle being dismantled or changed in a way which incorporates material alterations of its original construction

-damage to a warranty protected part or accessory caused by the failure of a non-warranty protected part

-damage caused by adding or applying chemicals not approved or recommended by Subaru of America

-contact and exposure to airborne fallout including but not limited to chemicals, tree sap, bird droppings, salt, hail, windstorm, flooding, water, lightning, extreme temperatures, or any other environmental cause.


Owner's Responsibilities

In order to maintain the warranty of Subaru parts and accessories, it is the vehicle owner's responsibility to retain all documentation of proof of purchase for genuine Subaru parts and accessories, Subaru remanufactured parts and accessories, STi parts and accessories and SPT parts and accessories. If applicable, the owner is also responsible for showing documentation of repairs, maintenance and inspections taking place. Failure to provide proof of either may result in the denial of a warranty claim. Since the Subaru warranty coverage lasts for a period of one year, unless otherwise stated by other manufacturer or Subaru of America warranties, it is the vehicle owner's responsibility to take the vehicle to any Subaru dealership for repair or replacement of the part or accessory as soon as the defect is discovered during the period of warranty coverage.


Subaru Warranty Claims

If you have a failed Subaru part or accessory you believe to be defective and covered under the terms of warranty, take the failed part, accessory or vehicle it was installed on to any Authorized Subaru Dealer during the period of warranty coverage. Be sure to have documentation of proof of purchase and, if applicable, maintenance, repair and inspection records.


For More Information and/or Assistance

We are always happy to assist you with your Subaru warranty claims submission. Please contact us if you have any questions or are in need of assistance. For additional information, please contact your local Authorized Subaru Dealer.

All information contained in this informational page is from the brochure "Authorized Genuine Subaru Parts and Accessories Warranty", MSA6M0206. The purpose of this page is informational only.