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Auto Lug Nuts and Tire Nuts: What’s the Difference?

There really is none! But now that we've got your attention, we thought you might like to know about how Tire Nuts can do more for your car than simply keeping the wheel in place. But don't get us wrong, that's really important too.

Advantages by Shopping with Us

Getting your auto lug nuts from provides you with a bunch of different benefits and options. For starters: We feature Gorilla tire nuts in our inventory. Gorilla is a trusted brand name that boasts extraordinary strength, which will ensure your tires are safely secured to your vehicle. You can drive over all types of road surfaces with peace of mind when you have your car equipped with Gorilla Auto Lug Nuts.

Make Your Ride Stand Out

We all love our cars, so why not make them look their absolute best? One area of a car that you can accessorize that most people forget about are the Tire Nuts. Imagine how much attention your vehicle will capture as it blazes down the road sporting some chrome plated auto lug nuts. The best thing about using chrome plated lug nuts to accent your car is that you are not overdoing things. Chrome tire nuts are a nice hint of style, which is what you want when you are sprucing up your car.

Protect Your Property

Strong Auto Lug Nuts are also important if you live in an area where crime is a problem. If you don't want to wake up one morning to find that your tires have been stolen, then you are going to need tough tire nuts. Our lug nuts are difficult to break or forcibly remove, which will keep your tires and rims nice and safe.

So if you are looking for high quality auto lug nuts, make sure that you check out everything we have to offer at You never know exactly what you might find!