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Bumper & Trim Paint

Money’s tight these days but that is no reason to drive around in a car with scratched up bumpers or fenders. Brandsport has car bumper paint and car trim paint to meet your every automotive touch up need. Brandsport’s dedication to quality product has led to our offering our customers only the best products possible. Brandsport carries car bumper paint from PlastiKote, and car trim paint and auto bumper paint from VHT.

Gray Bumper Spray Paint 12 ounce PlastiKote #614

PlastiKote is a leader in the production of quality spray paints that combine color covering and corrosion resistance in a single product. If properly applied PlastiKote’s auto bumper paint will deliver years of flawless covering when you need a quality car bumper paint to touch up minor dings and scratches in your bumpers.

Brandsport carries a large number of auto bumper paint colors. There is almost no color that Brandsport doesn’t carry in car bumper paint from PlastiKote. If PlastiKote doesn’t make car bumper paint in the color you need, then chances are it is not made.

However, Brandsport also carries a full line of automotive trim paint from VHT. Whether you have an Audi, Toyota, Ford, or Chevrolet, Brandsport carries automotive trim paint from VHT to touch up your trim. VHT’s car trim paint can be used to cover over scratches in your car’s trim and molding.

You can also use the VHT car trim paint from Brandsport to remove blemishes such as scratches from interior plastic such as door panels, inner body panels, and even colored plastic pieces on and under the dashboard. Automotive trim paint can also be used to cover scratches and other blemishes in plastic seat belt covers, collision avoidance light covers and speaker grills.

VHT makes arguably the best car trim paint on the market today. When you need a high quality automotive trim paint, for any almost automotive need, you need trim paint from VHT. And when you need VHT trim paint, you need Brandsport.

VHT bumper paint is also excellent for fixing scratches and discoloration in the plastic trim on your car’s exterior. You can also use it on bumper and hood repairs as well. With a couple cans of paint from VHT and Brandsport, you can fix most minor blemishes. VHT paint comes in an aerosol spray can and gives a lustrous shine that does an excellent job of hiding blemishes.

VHT car trim paint also has excellent mar resistance qualities, so you won’t need to reapply it constantly. VHT is a urethane based paint with elastomers engineered into the paint, which means is has excellent flexibility for soft rubber and plastic trim pieces that need to be able to move. The satin black VHT car trim paint is great for most automotive trim and molding touch ups.

For proper application of the VHT automotive trim paint, the surface must be perfectly clean if you wish it to adhere properly. This bumper paint provides excellent coverage on all types of materials, including fiberglass, plastic, rubber, and metal components. Brandsport is your source for the best price and availability of VHT trim paint.