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Car Body Molding Helps Prevent Dents And Dings Before They Happen

Car Body Molding & Body Side Molding

Car Body Molding is made to fit seamlessly with the current look of your car or truck but also add extra protection against everyday minor damage like dents, dings, scuffs, nicks and scratches. All of those things are corrected with a little bit of effort, but also come with a whole lot of hassle, whether it be color-matching the right shade of touch-up paint or spending time buffing out marks. You can deal with the damage yourself, but why deal with the frustration? Adding car body molding to your vehicle can prevent a lot of minor damage before it happens.

At Brandsport, our selection of Car Body Molding comes from esteemed manufacturers like Trim-Gard and Precision Trim. Each piece of molding is crafted from vinyl or polyurethane and subject to strict quality control from the manufacturers.

We carry Car Body Molding in a variety of widths from 5/8” all the way up to 4-1/4”. Molding is priced by the foot – order the length you need and do the cutting and measuring yourself to guarantee a perfect fit.

Fit isn’t the only thing custom about our car body molding, either. Molding is available in a rainbow of colors. To find the best color for your vehicle, you can enter your vehicle color code, consult the online color chart or order a color sample card. For the best match, we recommend ordering the free color sample card and using it to match with your car’s paint job. Or just opt for car body molding in traditional white, black or chrome. Chrome molding provides a striking accent on any car or truck!

Regardless of the color you choose, Car Body Molding is easy to attach to any vehicle. The 3M peel and stick backing means that it can take just a few minutes to install a professional looking piece of body molding onto your car, without having to hire a professional, or be one yourself.

Brandsport is an expert at providing quality auto parts and accessories with an eye toward excellent customer service. Our philosophy is no-hassle, which extends to our return policy. With a collective 30 years of experience, our staff can help you find the right car body molding or any other parts and accessories for your car.