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Car Covers & Truck Covers

Each Car Cover is custom tailored and cut specifically for the contours of your vehicle.

Take the steps to protect your car from what nature has to throw at it, or what your shop has to throw at it. offers you a selection of car covers to choose from when it comes to protecting your pride and joy. Made from various durable and high quality materials, we offer a range from a heavy duty protector to a cover that protects from potential hazards as minor as dust. When dust collects on your car, it can act as sandpaper and tear up your paint causing a bigger problem for you down the road. Depending on your weather conditions you might want to look into what protector would work best for you and your environment. Protect against harsh weather conditions or against a bicycle handle bar, many options are available made from reputable distributors from high quality materials. Keep your ride protected from its surroundings and find the right cover for you. Our tailored Auto Covers are of the highest quality and made to exacting standards. Available in many materials, colors & styles these Custom Covers are tailor made specifically for your vehicle. Even though they are made to order, they usually ship in 5-7 business days. Please scroll down to see color & material samples....

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If you need to protect your vehicle from environmental hazards while providing a clean, custom fit, then you need a Coverking fitted Car Cover.

Coverking has dedicated themselves to focusing on the details so they can produce your new car cover which fits perfectly, and they spare no expense to provide you a car, truck or SUV Cover with the fewest seams possible. Coverking has spent years developing the widest selection of custom car cover materials available, choosing to engineer it's own fabrics rather than relying on "off the shelf" materials. Coverking is a true leader in the industry and has pioneered the use of different car cover fabrics in two tone designs, various colors, as well as reflective treatments resulting in a quality Cover For Car, Truck and SUV applications.

Coverking is both TS16949 certified and QS-9000 quality certified, meeting the highest manufacturing and quality standards. Coverking Car Covers for sale are designed using advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD/CAM) technology and other advanced production systems. Coverking customers have reported that they are “thrilled” with their new Custom Car Cover. Even Monsoons can't get through a Coverking brand Auto Cover parked on an Island in the Indian Ocean!

So Why Choose a Coverking Custom Cover?
Coverking has dedicated themselves to manufacturing superior quality Car Covers in all areas including fit, looks, material properties, features and durability. Coverking Auto Covers will not only protect and add to the longevity of your vehicle paint, by reducing the need for car washing they help reduce the harm to the environment. Your new Coverking Automotive Car Cover will not only protect your interior from fading, it will also block prying eyes from seeing what's inside the car (therefore acting as a theft deterrent). Some Coverking materials have even been designed to prevent minor scratches, nicks and even minor damage caused by hail storms. Using a Coverking Car Cover is a great way to protect your car, truck or SUV when parked at airports or near industrial sites where there are heavy pollutants and debris in the air. In warm and sunny climates, a Vehicle Cover will help keep your interior cooler in the summer months and in winter it will keep the snow and other elements off the windshield and other vehicle glass. An added feature you will find only with Coverking Car and Truck Covers is the thoughtful design which calls for using the fewest possible seams, which results in a great looking custom Cars Cover!

Pattern Fit & Design
Automobile Covers use a lot of material, in fact most vehicles use around 30 yards of material. Some Auto Car Cover manufactures use less desirable patterns which are "chopped up" into small pieces in an effort to save material. These pieces are then sewn together creating a patchwork effect that compromises the effectiveness of the materials ability to breathe and/or repel water. While this patch-work method can save more than 20% of total material use, it also results in Automobile Covers which look like patchwork quilts with unsightly seams everywhere. By having extra seams, the risk of seam failures not to mention seam leakage increases. In addition, the Auto Car Cover looses it's custom look and resembles a cheap universal Car Tarp. Not at Coverking ! They refuse to compromise or cut corners in any aspect of their Car Cover Accessories and will never compromised the function or fit of their products in order to save a few yards of fabric.

Quality Materials
The qualities that make a top notch Breathable Cover or even a Waterproof Car Cover suitable for use depend largely on the properties of the fabric used in the construction of the cover. Coverking has the world's leading textile mills handle the manufacturing of the fabric itself, and they even design their own materials. Coverking engineers specify the exact material composition and construction standards required and adhere to the most stringent material test requirements set out by the world's leading vehicle manufacturers. Off-the-shelf fabrics are ill-suited to Carcover needs and therefore Coverking refuses to use such materials. All Coverking outdoor and Waterproof Car Covers use breathable materials which allow moisture trapped under the car to escape through the cover material. This design prevents a "greenhouse" condition of condensation under the Automobile Cover which may result in rust damage. Coverking pioneered material designs featuring different colors and even two tone designs for outdoor use. Unlike other Cars Covers, Coverking Carcovers are designed to withstand the harmful effects of the sun including color fading and material degradation.

Construction Standards
Over twenty years ago Coverking pioneered the use of sophisticated CAD/CAM systems to designed and cut their Vehicle Covers. All outdoor Coverking Custom Fit Car Covers are sewn using double needle and overlapped seams. This results in a more durable, leak resistant seam which even features a backup stitch if the main stitch fails, now that’s attention to detail. Coverking’s Stretch Satin fabric is a Classic Car Cover designed for indoor use and is sewn with “blind seam” technology which is ideal for use in a storage or show-car environment which the fabric was designed for. Each Coverking Custom Fit Car Cover has strategically placed neoprene elastic tensioners sewn in the front and rear of every cover. In addition, when you Buy Car Covers manufactured by Coverking they will come complete with protected grommets for use with the optional security kits. These grommets are sewn in the sides of each Car Cover and are even covered by the fabric so as not to be visible when the car cover is on a vehicle. All outdoor Car Covers are sewn with heavy, durable wax coated thread for extra strength and longevity. As the needle pierces through the fabric during assembly, the thin coating of wax on the thread helps to seal the fabric thus reducing the chance of leakage through the seam.

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