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Motorcycle Case / Barrel Paint

Specially formulated for use on Motorcycle, ATV & Snowmobile engines.

Black Barrel Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP906
Black Barrel Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP905

Looking to brush up the look of your engine? Look no further than the engine and barrel paint offered by Brandsport to restore your engine to its factory appearance. Specifically designed for use on your motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile, this engine and barrel paint virtually stops rust and corrosion in its tracks. Formulated to be highly resistant to solvents, fuel, and oil, this product is able to resist temperatures up to 550 degrees and can even stand up to harsh weather conditions. Our engine and barrel paints also resist chipping, cracking, and fading, keeping your engine looking pristine for longer. And application is pure simplicity as our engine and barrel paint applies smoothly and is dry to the touch in 30 minutes, drying thoroughly overnight. The paint reaches its heat resistant technology after the engine is ran, and the paint can properly cure. We at Brandsport want to ensure that the quality and life of your engine lasts as long as your love for your motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile. Give your engine the ultimate protection with a high quality engine and barrel paint from Brandsport and you can rest easy knowing you’ve ensured the longevity and overall care of your engine.