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Chrome Paint

Chrome paint, usually comes as chrome spray paint. Chrome paint for cars is normally used as a chrome touch up paint for chrome car parts. You can also find small bottles of chrome touch up paint for smaller touch up needs on your car. Brandsport carries chrome spray paint from PlastiKote, one of the most recognized and respected names in the chrome spray paint industry. The PlastiKote chrome spray paint is excellent for chrome paint repairs on bumpers, mirrors, and door handles. You can also use the PlastiKote chrome spray paint to give other car parts a faux chrome finish, for much less than having the part or parts chrome plated.

In order to ensure that the chrome spray paint that you plan to apply, whether for a touch up, repair, or to give a part a faux finish, you must remember to properly prepare the surface. This is particularly important because chrome paint for cars, trucks or any vehicle for that matter will show any defects on the surface as much as, if not more than, black or other colors.

Prior to applying the chrome auto paint, surface prep consists of making sure that the surface is completely free of rust or that the rust is properly treated. Once the rust has been dealt with, before applying the chrome paint for cars, make sure the surface is clean of all oils, greases, and dust or dirt. With a perfectly clean surface, you can carefully apply the chrome car paint.

Besides chrome spray paint from PlastiKote, Brandsport also carries a chrome auto paint from VHT. This chrome car paint is a little more flexible in use than the PlastiKote chrome spray paint. VHT’s chrome car paint product can be used, without curing, to repair imperfections in car lamp and headlight reflectors. The VHT chrome car paint product is ideal for touch up and refinishing of chrome pieces made out of plastic and dries to the touch in 30 minutes.

VHT reports that their chrome car paint product can also be used to repair instrumentation, and other plastic or glass pieces, or even picture frames. This chrome touch up paint is multi-surface, meaning that it can be used on metal, plastics, wood, glass, and even sealed plaster. Amazingly, even on plaster (or body filler) this chrome paint for cars will deliver a lustrous chrome-like finish.

The VHT chrome paint comes in an aerosol spray can. This chrome automotive paint provides a brilliant epoxy finish that is almost completely non-tarnishing. The VHT chrome paint for cars works great and provides outstanding brilliance. It’s also a chrome paint that provides unparalleled corrosion resistance, which means once properly applied you shouldn’t have to reapply it.

Between the PlastiKote chrome touch up paint and the VHT chrome paint, Brandsport has your chrome touch up paint needs covered. If you need chrome touch up paint, Brandsport has the two best brands and they have the best prices. No matter what your chrome fixing or touch up needs, Brandsport is your best bet.