Customer Reviews

Clear Coat Paint

Brandsport understands that nicks and scratches can make you feel like your car is ruined. Our selection of touch-up paint will have your car looking its best in no time. If you’ve spent time repairing your car with touch-up paint, don’t let your time and money go to waste. After sanding, polishing and applying the last of your touch-up paint, put on a clear coat to protect your refurbished coat. This seals in the paint job and also adds a depth of finish to your car that gets it closer to the way it was when it left the factory.

Clear Perfect Match® Clear Coat Spray Paint 8 ounce DupliColor #BCL0125

Our clear paint comes in both spray cans and a brush/pen tip applicator, and is fast-drying so you can get the job done quickly. Manufacturers like Dupli-Color and Plasti-Kote® know their paint, which is why Brandsport carries them. If you have questions about your next touch-up paint purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us at 877.341.6555.