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Coverking Dash Covers

Coverking carpeted Dash Covers & Rear Covers are custom made to order and usually ship in 5-7 business days. Click here to Learn More


Coverking Dash Covers are a custom made-to-order item and therefore are either non-returnable or will be subject to a 15% restocking charge. Please order carefully or call us for assistance. Defects in materials or workmanship will be covered on an exchange basis only.
The color samples below are displayed for your visual reference only, you must use the drop-down navigation above to add your new Dash covers to your shopping cart. Scroll down to see color & material samples.....

Please note: Colors displayed on your screen may vary depending on your computer monitor settings. Please call Coverking at 1-800-268-3754 to request free fabric samples.

Custom Dash Cover Dash Cover Dashcover

Coverking manufacturers The Best Fitting, Highest Quality Custom Dash Covers

Dash Covers, in addition to enhancing the appearance of your interior are a very popular Dashboard Pad accessory to reduce dangerous sun glare, and combat the damaging effects of the sun. Coverking custom Dashboard covers are manufactured for a proper fit which will soften the plastic look of your car, truck or SUV’s interior while providing protection to the driver as well as your vehicle Dashboard Pad.

Coverking also manufactures Custom Rear Covers to enhance match new front Dashboard Cover. The read deck is the area directly behind the rear seats. Custom Rear Covers are available here from Coverking in the same materials and fabrics as Coverking's custom Dash Covers so you can customize your entire interior at once..

A new twist on an old theme - the "ultimate" Dash Cover. Custom Dashboard Covers by Coverking are now available in a Molded Dash Cover. The molded Dashboard Cover is a thermo-formed carpeted Dash Cover that conforms to every bend and curve on your dashboard. Because it is molded to the exact shape of your Dashboard Pad it results in a perfect fitting cover with no stitching.

So What is Important in choosing a Custom Dash Cover ?

Clearly, fit and appearance are the most important attributes of a quality Custom Dash Cover as it is a very conspicuous accessory. Your new Dash Cover is clearly visible to both passengers and passers by, not to mention from the driver’s seat. Therefore, a Custom Dash Cover must employ the latest technology, highest quality materials and strict quality controls in order to produce the best possible finished product. The exact fit is a result of Coverking’s Dash Cover pattern design, construction and quality materials. Coverking even offers many enhancements to it's line of fine fitting Dash Covers. Among the available options are a wide selection of designer print materials such as Zebra or Hawaiian print, custom embroidered logos or messages and Lit Neon Edging.

Pattern Design

Modern vehicle Dashboard Pads are complex, with cupholders, subtle curved shapes, airbag cutouts, sensors, trays, and other components. You do not want a mediocre fitting Dash Cover and Coverking, unlike other manufacturers, ensures that they do not take a short-sighted approach to the pattern designs so they can deliver a top quality fitted Dashboard Cover. Due to the fact that addressing the curves and contours of each dash is very time consuming, many Dash Cover manufacturers cut corners and does not address some of the contours of the dashboard. At best, this produces a poor fit. At worst, it is a dangerous hazard which can prevent automatic headlights from functioning and airbags from deploying. You will not find this with a Coverking brand Dash Cover. With full time, professional pattern makers and the latest technology in advanced computer aided design (pioneered by Coverking over 20 years ago), Coverking ensures a consistent, perfect fitting custom Dash Cover. All Coverking Custom Dash Cover patterns are CAD designed from the original vehicle Dashboard Pad using the latest in sophisticated software. The process of creating the patterns for each vehicle application takes time but the results are worth it, a perfect compliment to the original vehicle's dashboard. All cutouts, airbag openings, cupholders and sensors are studied and your new Dash Cover is designed specifically for your vehicle so as not to interfere with these components.

Quality Materials

Coverking is responsible for establishing the two most popular materials on the market today; Poly-Carpet and Velour. Subsequently, Coverking has expanded their offering by adding Designer Velour and has even added enhancements such as Lit Neon Edging.

  • Poly-Carpet Material; This is a polyester material that is tough, yet attractive, resulting in a non-tufted low pile carpet which has a lifetime warranty and provides the maximum protection for your Dashboard Pad and virtually eliminates glare as well. Poly-Carpet has been Coverking’s most popular material choice for many years. Poly Carpet is available here in many colors in both front Dash Covers and Rear Covers.
  • Velour Material; Velour is our most Luxurious and elegant material and is a perfect choice for luxury vehicles or any car, truck or SUV. Coverking’s velour material is available in several colors and is designed to compliment the interior your vehicle. Velour is also available in Coverking’s Custom Seat Covers, offering a matching interior upgrade.
  • Molded Carpet; Coverking’s custom molded carpeted Dash Covers are very similar to the Poly-Carpet, except they are a pre-formed cover which is pre-shaped to the contours of your Dashboard using a thermo-formable backing. Once molded into shape, the material will hold that shape for life. The Coverking Molded Carpet product is guaranteed for life so you can sit back and enjoy many years of use knowing your interior is protected.
  • Designer Velour; With exciting Designer Prints available in the Designer Velour line this is the same basic material as regular Velour, but hold on – these come in cool designs such as Hawaiian Prints in black, red and blue, Flames, PinUp Girls, Cheetah, Leopard, and Zebra.

    Quality Construction

  • Work Environment; Coverking Custom Dash Covers are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment.

  • It’s all in the Stitch; Coverking Custom Dash Covers and Rear Covers are constructed using a "zigzag" stitch. It is truly the only way to go. You see other manufacturers use a "blind" stitch. Now every stitching style has an intended purpose, but for a Custom Dash Cover there is only one stitch that meets the exacting standards set by Coverking, the industry leader. And the optimal stitch style is the zigzag stitch. While Coverking's zigzag stitch does take more time and effort, the results are worth it - the zigzag stitch acts as a hinge, allowing the cover to contour more easily to the surface of you dashboard. A zigzag stitch also allows small pieces to be sewn together and therefore fill the contours of your dash, because there is no extra material in the seam. A blind stitch, used by other manufacturers, results in the Dashboard Cover curling into the stitch, attracting dust and lifting off the dashboard. Coverking Custom Dash Covers are consistently chosen over their competitors by most automotive retailers for their fit, materials, and construction.

    Coverking, simply the best!