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Coverking Tailored Floor Mats

Coverking Floor Mats are custom tailored and cut specifically for your floorboards.

Coverking tailored Floor Mats are of the highest quality and made to exacting standards. Available in many materials, colors & styles these Custom Mats are tailor made specifically for your vehicle floorboards. Scroll down to Learn More


Coverking Floor Mats are custom made-to-order and therefore are either non-returnable or will be subject to a 15% restocking charge. Please order carefully or call us for assistance. Defects in materials or workmanship will be covered on an exchange basis only.
The color samples below are displayed for your visual reference only, you must use the drop-down navigation above to add your new Floor Mats to your shopping cart. Scroll down to see color & material samples.....

Please note: Colors displayed on your screen may vary depending on your computer monitor settings. Please call Coverking at 1-800-268-3754 to request free fabric samples.
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Coverking Tailored Custom Floor Mats

Custom Floor mats Although some new vehicles include factory Car Mats cut to match the new vehicle interior they, unfortunately, can be prone to permanent discoloration from dirt and mud and often wear out in a short time. Coverking specializes in manufacturing Custom Floor Mats for your vehicle and they are experts at what they do.

Coverking offers two products designed to combat wear and tear on your factory carpets and floorboards. With both custom tailored Carpet Mats and clear Plastic Floor Mats you can find the perfect set of Car Floor Mats for most any vehicle.

So what is most important when choosing new floor mats?

At Coverking, design and engineering are critical elements when manufacturing your new carpeted Custom Floor Mats. Simply cutting carpet to fit your floorboards is not enough. Improperly designed Auto Mats may result in your new Floormat creeping into the path of the accelerator or brake which are important safety factors to consider. Material selection is also very important to the stain-resistance of the Car Mats caused by dirt and mud as well as the life expectancy of the product. Construction of your new Custom Floor Mats is another critical component, especially the backing material, which is vital in order to prevent the Floor Mats from sliding around under your feet.

Quality Pattern Design;

Coverking Tailored Car Mats are designed so well, they are likely to fit better than your original factory Car Floor Mats. Now you may ask “How can Coverking Tailored Auto Floor Mats fit better than the original factory Floor Mats which came with your vehicle? The answer is simple, vehicle manufacturers are under intense pressure to contain costs. Think about it, if vehicle manufacturers could shave just $1 off the cost of every new vehicle sold in the United States, the automotive industry would save over $16,000,000.00! Well, one way they do this is by cutting a few inches off of every set of Floor Mats on each vehicle. Knowledgeable Coverking customers have learned that it really pays to have quality Auto Floor Mats that cover the entire foot well areas.

Custom Floormat StylesCoverking Tailored Car Floor Mats are offered in the following configurations;

  • Set of 2 (Style A) Front Floor Mats for the front floorboards.
  • Set of 4 (Style B) for the front and passenger floorboards.
  • Single Strip (Style C) a single strip for the rear of extended cab trucks.
  • Dual Strips (Style D) for the rear and center seats of SUVs.
  • U-Shaped (Style E) a U-shaped configuration for minivans.
  • H-Shaped (Style F) an H-shaped configuration for certain minivans.
  • Cargo Mat (Style K) a single Floormat for rear Cargo areas.
  • Coverking employs a full time staff of professional, specially trained pattern makers using the latest tools and technology including advanced computer aided design C.A.D. (pioneered by Coverking over 20 years ago). Coverking invests in the best tools and the best people to ensure a consistent, perfect fit. All Coverking Custom Car Floor Mat patterns are CAD designed from patterns derived from your original vehicle model’s foot well using sophisticated software and techniques. The process of making each Custom Floor Mat pattern can take several hours and is expensive, but results in complete protection of the foot well and often with a better fit than your factory Auto Floor Mats.

    Superior Materials;

    Custom Floormat CarpetCoverking offers only premium grade carpet for use in their Carpet Mats by scouring the globe for only the best materials on it's line of Custom Floor Mats. Coverking also offers a complete line of vinyl Clear Floor Mats using the same standards they apply to their Carpet Floor Mat line. Coverking Floor Mats are precision cut from 40 ounce Premium high density nylon carpet with stain and wear resistance agents added to the carpet fiber. In addition to the heavy weight nylon carpeting, Coverking uses a thick, non-slip nibbed backing to effectively prevent slipping. These one-of-a-kind Carpet Floor Mats are available in many different carpet colors.

    Clear Vinyl Mats;

    To keep original factory floor carpets and Floor Mats in clean, new condition, Coverking also offers Car Mats cut from Clear Vinyl. They are the perfect accessory to prevent rain, mud and snow from damaging your original factory carpets, while allowing your original color and factory logo to show through. These Auto Floor Mats utilize the same high quality patterns as Coverking carpeted Custom Floor Mats, offering complete protection of your floorboards. The Clear Vinyl Mats also feature nibbed bottoms to prevent slipping around beneath your feet. They can be used either on top of your Floor Mats or in place of your floor mats directly on top of your carpets.

    Quality Construction;

    Coverking Carpet Floor Mats are made by precisely cutting the carpet exactly to the custom pattern for your vehicle, and adhering the layers to the nibbed backing. The Floor Mat is then edged in a matching velour binding to complete the custom look.

    Coverking tailored Auto Mats are made by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable work environment.