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Find custom dash covers for your front dash and rear deck as well as wood dash kits to dress up and protect your interior, right here. Whether you want a custom tailored dash cover or if you want some cleaners, protectors and polishes to help take care of your existing dash cover, we have you covered. With the cleaning products offered, you can help take care of your leather, vinyl or any other interior that needs some extra elbow grease. Help us help you either dress up or clean up your interior dash cover.

Coverking Dash Covers
Dash Care Products

Is your car, truck or SUV’s dash cover wearing down? Check out our selection of carpeted dash covers to keep your car looking good and fresh. You can pick from a selection of various colors with our carpeted car dash mats. I have vinyl doors on my car and there was so much dirt that had just built up over time. I thought I was never going to get rid of it and then I tried the vinyl cleaner that we offer. The job quality was amazing, I barely had to scrub, and I pretty much just had to spray and wipe and then all that collection of dirt and who knows what else went away. It came off clean and fast and worked better than I had thought it was going to. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who has a build up of dirt or just dirty interior. Browse through our selection of carpeted dash covers and interior cleaners here and find what you need.