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Exhaust Tips & Extensions

Add some custom personalization to your ride with the exhaust tips available at Brandsport. With sizes available ranging from 1-¼” to 3-½” you are just bound to find the best exhaust tip for you to buy. Brandsport supplies you with a wide selection of exhaust tips so that you can look good driving down the road in your car, truck or SUV. Buy your next chrome exhaust tip or even a stainless steel exhaust tip to add just a touch of personality and class to our car, truck or SUV.
These custom exhaust tips fit tail pipes with an outside diameter measurement as listed below.

Listed here in order of tail pipe outside diameter......

To get the correct measurement for an exhaust tip, you must measure the outside diameter of your exhaust pipe tip. The new exhaust tip will now just slide onto the current exhaust tip and start making your car, truck or SUV looking hotter than ever. Browse through our selection of cool new exhaust tips and pick the right one for your exhaust pipe. Remember this, the best stainless steel or chrome tips for exhausts might not always be the cheapest. To get the best car exhaust tips, you probably won’t be spending the lowest amount of money. The more you pay, the better the product will be and with the exhaust tips, you want the best bang for your buck to have your car, truck or SUV looking the best on and off the road.