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Gorilla Lug: Strength To Protect

Do you remember Donkey Kong? This particular character has had quite an evolution in the video game industry. He first appeared as a princess kidnapping and barrel throwing opponent for Mario. Then he got his own franchise where his hoard of bananas was stolen and he went on a long quest to get them back. He has also been known to play tennis, drive Go-Karts, and participate in Melee competitions against other formidable opponents.

When we think of Donkey Kong, what is the first trait that pops into our head of this animated gorilla? His immense strength. Any game where Donkey Kong appears, you know that his strength will be his greatest asset!

Therefore, when you see a ling of lug nuts with the brand name Gorilla, what do you think you can come to expect? A Gorilla lug is the top name in the industry of keeping your rims and wheels securely on your vehicle. Gorilla lugs possess the strength that is required to give you peace of mind when it comes to wheel security.

Each Gorilla lug is coated in chrome, which is guaranteed to give your car a lasting beauty as you cruise down the road. The chrome shine of a Gorilla lug is sure to catch the eye of pedestrians and other motorists. In addition to immense strength, when it comes to Gorilla, you can expect an extremely durable and long-lasting quality.

Quick Installation

Another great feature of a Gorilla lug is that it is easily installed. Once you have these lug nuts on your tire spokes, you are good to go. Want to change them out for a different design? With the provided installation guide, it is as easy as one, two, three!

So if you want a product that has the strength, durability, and shine that deserves to be on your vehicle, make sure to stop by and to check out Gorilla lug nuts.