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H4 Bulbs / 9003 Bulbs

We at Brandsport believe in helping our customers keep themselves safe on the road. That’s why we offer a select line of H4 bulbs. We’ve picked out some of the best in the biz, so you can be assured of their quality. H4 bulbs are sometimes called 9003 bulbs, because these are basically bulbs conforming to a standard specification (H4 / 9003). Any car that has H4 or 9003 bulb sockets can make use of headlight bulbs with the same specifications without worries over fitting and power supply. Stock headlight bulbs are generally chosen for the lowest price yet conforming to regulations on luminance. By choosing better and brighter H4 headlight bulbs, you can improve your driving environment whether in the dark or during heavy rains, snows, or fogs.
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Which bulb is Whiter or Brighter?

PIAA 9003/H4 Headlight Bulbs Xtreme White Plus Direct Replacement #15224
Sylvania 9003/H4 Headlight Bulb EcoBright Set of 2 #9003EB
Sylvania 9003/H4 Headlight Bulb Silverstar Halogen Sold Individually #9003ST
Sylvania 9003/H4 Headlight Bulb SilverStar Ultra Sold Individually #9003SU
Sylvania 9003/H4 Headlight Bulb XtraVision Halogen Sold Individually #9003XV
Wagner Lighting 9003/H4 Headlight Bulb Halogen Bulb Sold Individually #9003
Wagner Lighting 9003/H4 Headlight Bulb BriteLite Xenon Twin Pack Set of 2 #BP9003BLX2

For the environmentally-conscious car owner, the Sylvania EcoBright bulbs are a good pick. They consume less energy yet provide more luminance than the required standard. They’re also free of cadmium, mercury, and lead! For those who want to stand out, the PIAA Super Plasma GT-X gets attention without sacrificing performance. This sweet pair of bulbs gives off nice purple low beams and bright white high beams. Of course, for those on a budget, the Wagner Standard Halogen is outstanding in price but not much else. This conforms to the standard without adding much on, so it is very affordable. Great for emergency replacements, so keep a pair in the glove box! Buy your 9003 headlight bulbs from Brandsport and be enlightened!