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Headlight Bulbs & Sealed Beams

Car headlight bulbs have undergone some radical changes over the past 50 years. Back then, automotive headlight bulbs were called headlamps (or sealed beams)and were all round. Then, sometime in the 70s, car headlight bulbs started being made in square or rectangular shapes. Sometime in the 90s, they became an assembly with the replacement automotive light bulbs being a cartridge (composite bulbs) that consist of nothing more than the headlight elements.

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Which bulb is Whiter or Brighter?

In the interim, makers of automotive light bulbs have come out with replacement auto headlight bulbs that give the driver more visibility than ever before. This first change was from standard incandescent automotive light bulbs to halogen headlight bulbs. Shortly after that, the halogen automotive light bulbs became standard equipment and bulb makers started improving on them.

Not long after halogen automotive light bulbs became standard equipment on all cars, Sylvania and others introduced high intensity discharge, H.I.D., replacement bulbs for cars. Some people consider these HID headlight bulbs the best bulbs on the market today. They give off a very bright white that lights up more of the road than standard incandescent or halogen car headlight bulbs are capable of.

The newest iteration of H.I.D. replacement headlights bulbs is sometimes referred to as “Bright White” or “Blue Light” automotive light bulbs. The light they give off is so bright that it appears as a light blue in color. Many people consider these the best headlight bulbs available, however there are many people that feel they are too bright to be used on regular vehicles.

In the mid-90s, car and headlamp manufacturers collaborated on the headlamp assembly that eliminated the replaceable headlamps and substituted replacement headlamp cartridges that consist solely of the light bulb element itself. These are identifiable by the 9000-series part numbers such as 9003, 9004, and 9005, and the 880 and 893 replacement headlight bulbs.

Brandsport carries all of these types of replacement headlight bulbs in stock. They have bulbs for every year, make, and model of car on the road. Brandsport’s sales experts will help guide you through the process of selecting the best bulbs for your particular vehicle application.

If you do quite a bit of night driving on dark and secluded roads with no or limited street lighting, they will recommend a brighter H.I.D. replacement head lamp. However, if most of your night driving is done on well-lit city streets, a halogen headlamp might be your best bet. Your Brandsport sales rep will be able to help you make this determination.

Brandsport also carries a full line of replacement bulbs for fog and driving lights. These are typified by part numbers such as H7, H8, and H1, among others. There are also specialty Xenon light bulbs such as D1S automotive light bulbs for newer Jaguar vehicles, as well as other newer sport and luxury vehicles. Let Brandsport’s sales reps help you find the perfect bulbs for your particular application.

Whether you’ve got an older car like a 1969 Camaro that either needs new headlamps or you want brighter bulbs for, or a newer car like a 2013 Toyota that you want either a second set or more lighting for dark country roads, Brandsport has all of your automotive light bulbs needs covered. Standard or halogen round 5000H5000-series headlamps, standard or halogen square 4000/H4000-series, newer 880/893 or 9000-series, or automotive light bulbs for fog and driving lights, it doesn’t matter. Brandsport has the best headlight bulbs and automotive bulbs for every possible automotive use.

Our sales experts have the knowledge and experience to walk you through the selection process to make sure you buy the best headlight bulbs for your needs and that you’re 100 percent satisfied with your purchase and your buying experience.

Companies like Wagner, Sylvania, and PIAA make the best headlight bulbs on the market and Brandsport only carries these brands. Our sales people are trained in helping you select the right bulb for your needs, whether you need a sealed beam, halogen sealed beam, composite light cartridge, or a fog or driving light. Talk to Brandsport and let us help you choose the best bulbs to fit your car and suit your driving needs and style.