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Lens Restorer & Cleaners

If your lights seem to be getting dimmer, you might first jump to the conclusion of the bulb being the problem. But actually, it is also possible that the lens is not clean enough. Here at Brandsport we offer Headlight Lens Restorers and Cleaners to help you brighten up the road to make your drive safer and make you more visible to the other drivers on the road.

Plastic Polish
Plastic Cleaner & Polish
PowerPlastic 4Lights
Headlight Restoration Kit

The clarity is unbelievable and the difference is most definitely noticeable. If you are in doubt of wanting to buy new lights and lenses, try the lens restorer and restoration kit or our headlight polishing kit. If that doesn’t work then it is most likely that you need new replacement or upgraded bulbs or in the worst cases, complete new headlamp assemblies. Don’t go buy new lights unless you know for a fact that is the problem. We also offer plastic polishes and cleaners if there are any other plastic parts on your vehicle that need cleaning. Take a look at our Lens Restorers & Cleaners and find the right item for the right job. Restore your bug guards, rain guards, yellowed lenses and more with these products.