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High Temp Paint & Coatings

Heat resistant up to 2000įF (1093įC)

So youíve just gotten the heads and block from your engine back from the machine shop after all the work was done, and they didnít paint them. Yeah, that Chevy is just a daily driver, but you still want it to look good, donít you? You need our high temp paint, or more specifically our high temp engine paint to accomplish that.

Kermit Green Engine Enamel® High Temp Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP760

When painting your engine, or exhaust manifold, Brandsport gives you a variety of great options. High temp paint is engineered for use on exhaust manifolds, engine heads, intake manifolds, and of course the engine block.

One type of high temp header paint we carry is such a high temp paint that itís actually considered flameproof up to 2000ļF. Typically, if the heat resistant paint that you choose for your exhaust components canít stand up to the temperatures generated, it will, at best, discolor, and at worst, flake off or even burn. Headers typically flow more exhaust gases than normal manifolds do. This causes more heat to be built up in them. Because of this, youíre going to need to choose the proper high temp exhaust paint for them. Donít choose just any heat resistant paint, go with our VHT high temperature paint designed to work specifically for exhaust systems.

Standard, factory exhaust manifolds, on the other hand, in lower performance cars with larger engines, can sometimes get away with a regular high heat engine paint, if that high heat paint has enough characteristics of a good heat resistant paint engineered into it. Your Brandsport sales rep can help you choose the right high temp paint for the job at hand.

High temp exhaust paint isnít the only type of heat resistant paint that Brandsport carries, though. We carry a whole line of high temp engine paint for all of your heat resistant paint needs. If you want to add a unique touch to your engine, try one of Brandsportís metallic high temp engine paints. These high temperature paints come in a variety of colors to match the OEM paint that your engine came from the factory with, but they also have a metal flake in the paint to gives your engine that metallic look that the outside of the car might also have. These metallic flake high temperature paints are available in various colors.

Brandsport carries a lineup of over thirty colors, for all your high heat paint engine painting needs. Some examples of the colors of high temp engine paint that Brandsport carries are Ford Blue and Light Blue (For older and newer Fords) Pontiac Blue, GM Blue, as well as heat resistant paints for Chrysler products as well. Brandsport even carries high temp paints in Hemi and Chevy orange. For added color retention and long-life attributes, Brandsport also stocks high heat paint in clears and blacks. All of these paints are made by the leader in the industry, VHT.

Once youíve got the block, heads, and headers/manifold painted, what about the pulleys? Brandsport carries a line of VHT high temp paint that will give your pulleys a customized anodized look. You can choose a high heat paint in anodized look that will set off the pulleys from the engine components, or you can choose an anodized look that will match the engine color. Properly applied, heat resistant paint will make your engine look like new. Itíll also be easier to keep clean and spot oil leaks. However, pure aesthetics isnít the only reason to paint your engine components. The other reason is rust prevention. Every on of our high temperature paint products will also protect the outside of your engine from rusting.

Donít forget, while youíve got the engine out, why not dress up the old engine bay. No use getting the engine all pretty and leaving the rest of the engine compartment ugly.