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Switches, Wiring & Harnesses

Check out our Switches, Wiring and Harnesses section. Here you will find a variety of toggle and rocker switches along with harness kits to make your auxiliary lighting project a quick fix. We offer both Harness Kits and Switch Kits. Switch kits are usually used for drivers who have both fog and/or off-road lights. The switches are used to swap back and forth between the lights when desired. Check out our selection of various styles for your switch panel for your lights.
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We provide you with the right wires and equipment, short of the tools, for the job. Take a look at the Switches, Wiring and Harnesses that we offer you and make it easier to make the switch from driving lights, to fog or off-road lights. Pick the right switch kit that you feel would be easiest and would look the best inside your sweet ride. We have a large variety of selections to choose from when dealing with Harness Switch kits, so make sure to pick the one that is most right fit for you and your car, truck or SUV. Give your car, truck or SUV the simplest way to switch back and forth between for and driving lights while still making it look cool and fresh from the inside out. The simpler the transition to your different lights, the safer you can drive. So, check out our selection and make the best decision for your ride and your ride’s lights.