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PIAA has built a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality lighting products in the world!

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It’s a name you’ve seen slapped on the fenders of tuned-out sport compacts, on the roll bars of rugged off-road trucks and on the sides lightning quick race cars: PIAA. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, PIAA Corporation USA was created in 1963 with their goal being, as stated on their website and in their catalogs, to “manufacture world-class products that our customers could use with pride and confidence.” That commitment has paid off and built PIAA as a brand synonymous with performance and quality. On the road it’s not uncommon to find cars with a PIAA sticker or shoulder pad wrapped around the seatbelt regardless of whether or not it’s outfitted with PIAA lights or bulbs. That’s a testament to quality.

Cutting its teeth on producing superior automotive light bulbs that cut through the grimmest of inclement night weather has allowed PIAA to move beyond automotive lighting. Using their same dedication to producing a superior product, PIAA is now producing silicon wiper blades, LED lighting, ATV and motorcycle lighting systems as well as high performance alloy wheels. It is their focus on quality that makes Brandsport proud to carry a full line of PIAA lights and bulbs and allows them to grow.

PIAA Lights and Lamps
When people see the thick, bold letters that spell PIAA one of the first associations they make is with performance automotive lighting. There’s a good reason for that. For over 50 years PIAA has been manufacturing some of the brightest burning auto lamps in the industry. But that’s not the only reason they’re so popular with automotive enthusiasts. Many choose PIAA driving lights, fog lights and other automotive lighting units because of their ease of installation mixed with good looks. From the rugged rock guards protecting PIAA fog lights on trucks and SUVs to the subtle modern sophisticated style of PIAA driving lights, when drivers want to add the look of performance to their car, truck or SUV they turn to PIAA. Not only are PIAA lights and lamps good looking, most install with minimal drilling and cutting and you don’t have to be an electrician to hook them up!

PIAA Bulbs
There’s a reason PIAA is one of the most trusted and respected names in automotive light bulbs. PIAA bulbs are the result of over half a century of experience in designing halogen bulbs combined with the latest technology and using only the highest quality materials available. Most people are familiar with PIAA headlight bulbs and replacement fog and driving light bulbs. However, PIAA also makes miniature light bulbs for turn signals, side marker lamps and parking lights. They’re the perfect solution for giving your ride a unified performance look or for someone wanting the same intensity of PIAA HID lights in all of their lamps. PIAA gives these light bulbs the same attention to quality as they do their line of headlight bulbs. Every PIAA light bulb is made with a heat resistant glass tube that is held in place by a metal bond to prevent cracking and leaks. For proper positioning, PIAA bulbs have a welded focus ring as well as a one-piece filament support. If you want superior lighting for your headlights, marker lamps, parking lights or turn signals you’ll find none better than PIAA bulbs. The same goes for your fog lights and driving lights!

As the automotive lighting industry innovates, so does PIAA. One of the latest trends is the use LED lighting on cars, truck and SUVs which has led to PIAA developing its own line of LED lights. Currently, PIAA only offers two styles of LED lights but more are sure to follow. As with their other lighting systems, PIAA LED lights are designed to cut through the darkest of nights while adding a performance edge to your ride’s appearance. LED lighting uses a cooler, bright-burning light emitting diode (LED) instead of a standard halogen bulb. As a result, PIAA LED lights last longer than halogen bulbs while offering the same intense light. One PIAA LED lamp uses a high-intensity LED bulb that shines bright with either cutting white or vibrant blue light. Another style of PIAA LED lamps features six LED bulbs aligned horizontally with a blue reflector behind them. If you like the brightness, efficiency and long life of LED lighting and want it elsewhere on your car, then check out PIAA LED bulbs! Like PIAA miniature light bulbs, PIAA LED bulbs are perfect for dome lights, side marker lamps, parking light as well as turn signals.

PIAA Silicon Windshield Wipers
Building a reputation for quality, high-end light kits and bulbs has allowed PIAA to enter other areas of the automotive parts industry, such as windshield wiper blades. PIAA wiper blades have raised the bar for windshield wipers by mixing revolutionary design with silicon to create wiper blades and inserts that are resistant to the elements and compatible with virtually every windshield. The PIAA Super Silicon Wiper actually makes your windshield water repellant as it wipes. As a result, when water hits your windshield, it beads up and is blown off by the wind or smoothly swept away by the PIAA wiper blade without any annoying squeaking or chattering. Worried having a clear windshield when hitting high speeds on the freeway? For speeders and racers alike PIAA developed wiper blades with aerodynamic spoilers that keep the wiper against the windshield. PIAA Super Silicon wipers are available with black or carbon fiber wiper arms in a variety of style to fit domestic and foreign windshields.

PIAA High Performance Wheels
Another place PIAA’s dedication to quality is in the auto wheel arena. In the spring of 2004, PIAA unveiled its line of high performance wheels. Made for the performance enthusiast, PIAA wheels feature modern designs that are sure to bring out the inner racer in us all. Machined from the highest quality alloys available, PIAA wheels can stand up to the rigors of racing with good looks that will dress up any ride for cruising the streets.

Why Should You Choose PIAA?
There are many reasons to choose PIAA lights, bulbs and other accessories for your car, truck or SUV. One reason is the way they mesh design with the latest technology. By doing so, PIAA’s Technical Design Center developed innovations that have ranged from simple to sublime for over 50 years to make PIAA a leader in the automotive lighting industry. PIAA light kits are able to give you the extra lighting your vehicle needs in a package that adds a performance edge to its appearance. Another reason is race proven quality. PIAA develops their lighting to stand up to the brutal conditions of all kinds of racing. Off-road, motor-cross, Indy car- you’re likely to see PIAA lights being put to the test to see if they can handle the high speeds, rough terrain and other extreme elements found on tracks and courses throughout the world. If they can survive those conditions then they’re perfect for your car, truck or SUV. And the final reason you should choose PIAA is their emphasis on easy installation. Most PIAA lights can be installed on any car, truck or SUV and requires little cutting or drilling to do so. Plus, PIAA light kits come with all the necessary wiring, relays, fuses, mounts and hardware you’ll need for installation. When it comes to PIAA bulbs, most are designed to work with your vehicle’s factory headlights and lamps. If you want an easy product to install, then you want PIAA lights and bulbs.

For all of those reasons, Brandsport is proud to carry PIAA bulbs, light kits, stickers and other PIAA accessories. If for any reason you don’t see the PIAA lights, bulbs or other products you’re looking for, email us. In the body of the message, enter your vehicle’s make and model along with the PIAA bulb, light or other accessory you’re looking for. If it’s available, we’ll be more than happy to get it you with FREE shipping on order over $25!