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If you only trust your automotive lighting needs to companies with long histories in the auto industry, then you can trust Wagner Lighting. Wagner provides the US and Canada automotive lighting and brake needs for Federal Mogul, a world wide company with itís hands in virtually every element of the aftermarket auto parts industry. With operations in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, Federal Mogul as a whole produces a wide variety of aftermarket automotive parts that includes brakes, spark plugs, gaskets and automotive lighting from name brands such as Champion, Moog, Fel-Pro and many, many more, including Wagner Lighting and Brakes!

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Don't let the fact Federal Mogul has spread to all parts of the aftermarket auto parts industry discourage you from buying Wagner Lighting products. While Federal Mogul provides the world with some of the most trusted aftermarket brand names, they also provide auto makers with OE parts, including lamp assemblies and halogen headlight bulbs. If auto makers can trust Federal Mogul to provide them with the parts for new cars, you can trust Wagner Lighting when itís time replace or upgrade your SUV, van, car or truckís headlight bulbs.

Wagner Lighting, on the other hand, has a long history in automotive lighting. Founded as Wagner Electric in St. Louis, Missouri by Herbert Appleton Wagner and Francis Charles Schwedtman in 1890, the company first manufactured electric engines. With the development of the Wagner electric starter, as well as battery and generator technology improving, automotive lighting became a necessity of every car on the road. So, in 1909, Wagner Electric started manufacturing their first automotive headlamp bulbs. The rest, they say, is history. Automotive bulbs improved and Wagner was there, helping them improve and innovate as well. Today, under the Wagner Lighting banner youíll find some of the automotive lighting industryís most trusted brands, such as BriteLite and HalogenGold. Between those three names you are sure to find the headlight bulb that matches your lifestyle and needs!

Wagner HalogenGold Halogen Headlamps

Consider Wagner HalogenGold headlight bulbs the gold standard of the automotive lighting industry! HalogenGold headlights are built to last. Thanks to a durable design, each Wagner HalogenGold bulb features a heavy-duty filament that is built 40% stronger than other filaments and can withstand increased vibration from rough roads or whatever other tortures you might put your car, truck, van or SUV through. Other elements that add to the long-life of Wagner HalogenGold bulbs are the reinforced straps and welds and the high-pressure krypton gas. Wagner Lighting guarantees HalogenGold sealed beam headlight bulbs will last three times longer than standard sealed beam bulbs and HalogenGold capsule-style bulbs will last up to six times longer! Wagner is so confident about HalogenGold headlights being the last headlamp you ever buy they offer a lifetime warranty! No other automotive lighting company offers that kind of warranty!

Not only are HalogenGold headlamp bulbs long lasting, they burn brighter than incandescent bulbs. HalogenGold halogen headlamp bulbs are whiter than other incandescent lamps, last longer than other halogen headlight bulbs and come with a lifetime warranty. If youíre looking for the best buy on great headlight bulbs, Wagner HalogenGold bulbs are the easy choice.

Wagner BriteLite Xenon Headlight Bulbs

If you want to give your car, truck, van or SUV the added safety of better nighttime lighting then you want Wagner BriteLite xenon headlight bulbs. These extraordinary bulbs provide you with 80% more light on the road by means of a 30-degree wider headlight beam pattern. While standard headlamps only provide enough light to show you whatís in front of you on the road, Wagner BriteLite headlights also show you whatís on the side of the road and in the ditch for safer turning and better peripheral vision at night.

Another way BriteLite headlight bulbs improve nighttime vision is by using xenon. Xenon headlights burn brighter and whiter than halogen and incandescent headlamps to provide your auto with light thatís closer to HID lighting. Even at low beam settings BriteLite xenon headlight bulbs are better than standard halogen bulbs thanks to the powerful 55-watt low-beam filament. Plus, Wagner BriteLite xenon headlights burn cooler and more efficiently than halogen bulbs. If you want the brilliant, pure white light of HID lighting without the cost, then Wagner BriteLite bulbs are the best buy youíll find.

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