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Mufflers & Exhaust Systems

Your vehicle depends upon a variety of parts and accessories to keep it running smoothly. At Brandsport, we offer these products and so much more! One of these components is a muffler.

Your vehicle’s engine can be noisy. And without the muffler, it would be a lot noisier! The gas coming from the combustion in the pistons of the engine can generate an extremely loud noise if it were sent directly through the exhaust valves. The muffler simply muffles the sound, creating a huge sound difference. One of the other functions the muffler provides to redirect the hot and noxious gas fumes from the engine away from the vehicle. The mufflers we provide at Brandsport of the highest quality, and produced by only the most trusted brands. Crafted with precision and constructed entirely out of stainless steel, our mufflers boost horsepower while providing a deeper and more resonant engine sound that enhances both the presence and appearance of the vehicle. Emission legal in all fifty states, our mufflers meet all noise limit requirements and feature a polished muffler with a double-walled, wide-diameter slant-cut exhaust tip and rolled edge. Including the muffler, the parts and accessories offered at Brandsport maintain a high factory-quality standard for performance and strength, helping to deliver a measurable increase in the quality and life of your vehicle.