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Body & Paint Repair Supplies

Small amounts of damage to your vehicle can substantially reduce its value. Brandsport knows this and presents a wide range of products to help you mitigate or repair this small damage and prevent it from growing larger.

Meguiars Sanding Block will remove sags, runs or defects from your vehicle’s finish and leaves a smooth pattern that can be polished. The sanding block is great when used with Meguiars 5.5 inch long backing pad. If you have a scratch or scratches on your vehicle’s paint job, the Dupli-Color Body Paint Repair Kit is for you. This car paint repair kit comes complete with everything you need to do a professional at-home job on scratches. Included is sandpaper, a sanding block, a bottle of Clear Top Coat, a bottle of Gray Filler and Primer, a tube of Premium Glazing and Spot Putty and instructions on how to use the kit. If itís a small scratch that can be repaired at home, these auto paint scratch repair products can improve the look of your vehicle and save you money as well. When looking for body and paint repair items for your vehicle, come to Brandsport every time.