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PIAA Performance Light Bulbs

For those who demand superior performance from their headlight bulbs thereís PIAA. From the 9000 Series to their line of H4 bulbs, PIAA headlight bulbs give drivers the safe, night-cutting light they demand that turns heads when prowling the darkest streets. When itís time to change the bulbs in your fog lights and driving lights, go with PIAA H3 bulbs. Designed pierce inclement weather and give you the same quality as PIAA headlight bulbs, PIAA H3 fog light and driving light bulbs are the choice of discerning drivers worldwide. All PIAA bulbs feature a one-piece filament support encased in the highest quality glass tube available held together with a metal bond that fights cracking and leaking. Thereís a reason PIAA has been a leader in automotive lighting and their headlight, fog light and driving light bulbs are a shining example of why.

9000 Series PIAA Headlight Bulbs

H4 Series PIAA Headlight Bulbs

H3 Series PIAA Bulbs

Are PIAA Headlight Bulbs Street Legal?

Do I Need Special Tools or Anything Else to Install PIAA Bulbs on My Vehicle?

PIAA 9000 Series Headlight Bulbs
Need 9000 Series bulbs to keep your car, truck, van or SUV cutting through the night? PIAA has the bulbs for you! From high and low beam combination bulbs (9004, 9007) to low beam (9006) and high beam bulbs (9005), PIAA 9000 Series headlights are designed to fit factory headlamp sockets and are DOT compliant. For a more modern touch, PIAA Xtreme White Plus bulbs give your headlights a slightly blue tint without sacrificing nighttime visibility. If you need even better visibility for driving on dark streets and roads, PIAA Super Platinum White bulbs give you the extra lighting performance you desire. If you simply want great headlight bulbs without worrying about local laws, then PIAA Star White bulbs are the perfect choice. They give you the brighter, whiter light you want while remaining street legal in both the US and Canada!

PIAA H4 Series Headlight Bulbs
If your auto requires H4 type headlight bulbs then PIAA is definitely the right choice! All PIAA H4 bulbs are made to fit factory headlight sockets and are DOT compliant. However, thatís where their similarities end! For easy, street-legal application in Canada and the US, PIAA Star White H4 bulbs give your SUV, van, car or truck the crisp white light you want without drawing a lot of attention from the police to your ride. For those who want mix head turning looks with superior lighting performance, PIAA offers Super Plasma and Super Plasma GT-X H4 bulbs. These performance headlight bulbs feature a blue-tinted low beam for show and a super-white high beam for increased safety. On the other hand, PIAA Xtreme and Xtreme White bulbs have a brilliant white low beam and super-white high beam for safer nighttime driving than offered from other bulbs.

PIAA H3 Series Bulbs
From various head lamps to fog lights and driving lights, PIAA H3 bulbs will give your truck, car, SUV or van the improved performance lighting you demand. If you live in an area prone to heavy fog or inclement weather, check out PIAA Ion Crystal H3 bulbs. These bulbs cut down on glare by giving off amber/yellow light that reflects off of air-suspended water droplets less than their white light counterparts. Want to mix the latest trend with superior performance? PIAA Super Plasma H3 bulbs give your lamps the trendy blue beam thatís popular on the street scene while improving your lighting performance. If you want a serious upgrade to your fog lights and driving lights then you should consider Platinum Super White and Xtreme White H3 bulbs. These PIAA bulbs flood the dark with brilliant white light to boost your nighttime visibility. Concerned about compliance with your local regulations? PIAA Star White H3 bulbs give you the clean white light you desire for night driving while remaining street legal in Canada and all 50 states.


Are PIAA Headlight Bulbs Street Legal?
Yes! While local ordinances and highway laws vary from state to state (or province to province for our Canadian friends), PIAA headlight bulbs should be legal in your area. Some places have laws concerning headlights and other auxiliary lights emitting blue light, such as PIAA Xtreme White bulbs. Other PIAA headlight bulbs, such as Platinum White, Super White give off brilliant white light, which is legal in most localities. Please check your local laws for compliance. However, if you want to err on the side of caution, go with PIAA Star White headlight bulbs. These bulbs are street legal in all 50 states and Canada and will give your car, truck, van or SUV the performance lighting upgrade you want for safer nighttime driving.

Do I need anything else to install PIAA headlight bulbs in my vehicle?

No! Because PIAA bulbs are SAE recommended, you can rest assured they will fit in your factory lamp sockets as long as you have the correct bulb for the application. PIAA performance headlight bulbs are completely interchangeable with factory headlight bulbs, making for an easy, stress-free installation.

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