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Choose from Trico, PIAA, or even Genuine Toyota, Scion & Subaru wiper blades & wiper blade refills......

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OEM – Blades & refills - Like our aftermarket brands, factory OEM Wiper Blades & Wiper Blade Refills provide you with the right fit and operation for your car, truck or SUV. After your wiper blades wear down you can get your wiper blade refills here today to ensure the safety of your family with the top-notch quality from a top-notch vehicle manufacturer.

Trico – Teflon Shield Blades - Put the superior performance of Trico Wiper Blades into a stylish hinged shell and what do you get? You get one of the best combinations in wiper technology with the Teflon Shield Beam Wiper Blade. This beam blade design features a solid beam design rather than the traditional metal frame style. The difference between the two is in the pressure points. Beam wiper blades distribute pressure evenly across the surface of the windshield. The real difference is in the Teflon® surface protector which is infused into the rubber blade. What does this mean? The Teflon helps ensure a longer windshield wiper blade life as well as a smooth, quiet wipe. Whether bought individually or in a set, these wiper blades will give you the best clarity and vision, along with toughness and style. These long lasting wiper blades will ensure the safety and enjoyment of your driving experience.

Trico – Flex Blades - Trico Flex Beam Blades provide the you with top of the line performance, easy installation and toughness you wont find with any other wiper blade. Whether rain, snow, sleet, hail, or ice. These wiper blades will clear up your windshield and make your drive seem safer in the harshest of weather conditions. Like the Teflon Shield Wiper Blades Refills these beam blades feature a solid beam design rather than the traditional metal frame style along high our traditional high quality rubber wiper blade edge.

Trico – Standard Metal Blades - Trico Standard Metal Windshield Wiper Blades are the traditional wiper blades for your vehicle. Though don’t underestimate the toughness as they are considered “standard”. This wiper blade design is time tested and is still among the toughest of their kind. Providing you and your family, the best quality and safety along with clarity and durability.

PIAA - Super Silicone Blades - PIAA Super Silicone Blades are guaranteed to boost the driver clarity. If your tired of having to drive through the rain while looking out what seems to be your shower door. Then these silicone blades are for you. Providing you with a quality of the highest rate to give you the clarity and toughness that is tough to find anywhere else.

PIAA - Super Sporza Blades - Don’t let wind or high-speed driving mess up your wet weather visibility. The Super Sporza Blade uses the same PIAA refill as the Super Silicone Blade above. And our windshield wiper blade replacements cut through the elements like no other. Connected to each black metal arm with a white PIAA logo is a matching, UV-resistant, plastic spoiler that not only deflects the wind and keeps the wiper blade tight against the windshield but also keeps leaves, mud and other bits of debris from getting hung in the wiper and affecting the insert.

PIAA - Forza Hybrid Blades - PIAA’s newest wiper blades, the PIAA Forza Hybrid Silicone Wiper, features the industry’s first side-spring frame design that provides optimum contact pressure across the length of the blade. The wiper frame itself features a powder-coated finish over zinc plating to prevent rusting. The PIAA Forza Hybrid Silicone Wiper also features a wind-cheating Aero Cover which imparts a sleek contemporary design. The Forza Hybrid Blade also uses the same PIAA wiper blades refills as the Super Silicone Blade.

PIAA - Super Silicone Refills - With each wipe, the PIAA Super Silicone wiper blades refills leave a thin, silicone coating on your windshield. This thin coating causes water to bead and be easily blown off by the wind, which in turn allows your PIAA wiper blades to slide across your windshield with an extra smooth sweep without annoying wiper squeaking and chattering.