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Plasti-kote Paint Products

About Plasti-kote

Plasti-Kote is a name that conjures thoughts of premium quality and innovation in the specialty coatings industry. As one of the biggest players in the aerosol paint and products market, Plasti-kote's products can be found all around the world. Though they've been around since 1923, Plasti-kote didn't jump into the automotive aftermarket industry until the late 1940's, providing touch-up paint that meets the original manufacturer's standards. Even today, with their brutal testing and wide product line, Plasti-kote has found itself a permanent home on the shelves of many aftermarket part and accessory retailers.

In 1998, Plasti-kote teamed up with another big name in the specialty paint, stain and specialty coating industry. The Valspar Corporation, founded in 1806, had most famously provided paints and stains for many of the clipper ships used in the 1800's. Working with Valspar has allowed both companies to become "an even more formidable force in the paint and coatings industry."

Plasti-Kote has devoted itself to providing environmentally safe aerosol products that meet or exceed government standards. As the first US manufacturer to develop environmentally safe aerosol products, Plasti-kote's 1977 patent on water-based spray paint is a company milestone they're proud of. When you purchase a Plasti-kote product, you know this brand of innovative thinking is what keeps this company on the cutting edge.

The Plasti-kote Automotive Aftermarket Product Line

Since the late 1940's Plasti-kote has been providing the world with high quality touch-up paints that meet the original manufacturer's standards. But providing one high-quality product hasn't stopped Plasti-kote from developing others. Today, Plasti-kote not only offer a full line of aerosol and brush-on touch up paints, but also primers, dent and scratch fillers and even a spray on bed-liner!


Plasti-kote Vehicle Touch-Up Products

Since Plasti-kote is a big name in the aerosol paint industry, it's no surprise they make superior spray-on touch-up paints. Whether it's a car, truck or SUV from the United States or abroad, Plasti-kote provides a full line of touch-up spray paints for all foreign and domestic vehicles. If aerosol touch-up paint isn't your style, Plasti-kote also provides brush-on touch-up paints for your entire scratch repair needs. And if you need items to help you prepare for the touch-up work, Plasti-kote has the Micro Brush, Rust Converter and a full Paint Repair Kit to make the job go even smoother.

Plasti-kote Flexible Bumper and Trim Items

If you need a molding re-applied or repainted, Plasti-kote has just the thing for you. Adhesion promoters will make your moldings, bumper and trim pieces stick while Plasti-kote's primers and color coats get it color-matched to your car, truck or SUV.

Plasti-kote's Sandable Primers

Plasti-kote's line-up of sandable primers and spot fillers are ideal for minor sheet metal damage. Door dings, deep scratches and small dents can disappear with a little help from Plasti-kote. Plasti-kote's sandable primers get your body pieces ready for paint while Plasti-kote's line of spot filler and primers are perfect for filling nicks, scratches and dents. Sometimes it's not only your paint that's been scratched but your plastic bumper-cover and trim items as well. If this is your situation, you'll be pleased to know Plasti-kote has everything you need to repair moldings, bumpers and other trim items. If it's semi-rigid or even flexible, Plasti-kote can help you fix your damaged trim and bumper items.


Plasti-kote's Undercoats

A nice layer of undercoat won't only protect your vehicle against rust, corrosion, moisture, fumes, dust and hot and cold temperatures; it also can reduce road noise. Both Plasti-kote's Flexible Rubberized Undercoat and Rubberized Paintable Undercoat products provide protection for your car, truck or SUV as well as your ears! Easy to spray on, Plasti-kote undercoats are worth the time and money it takes to lay a thick layer of undercoating on your vehicle.

Plasti-kote's Automotive Paints

Whether you want to give your vehicle's body a fresh coat of paint or spray a little enamel on the engine block, Plasti-kote is a name you can trust for all your automotive painting needs. Plasti-kote specialty paints can help hot-rodders and tuners give their rides a custom look or restore it to just like new. Rust inhibiting paints stop corrosion from eating your car, truck or SUV and Plasti-kote's multi-purpose paints allow you to spray a fresh coat on your vehicle, yard furniture or anything else that needs paint.

Other Handy Products from Plasti-kote

Keeping your car, truck or SUV looking good can be hard work, which is why Plasti-kote tries to provide products to make the job easier. If you're having rust problems, try Plasti-kote's Rust Converter. Rust Converter is an environmentally safe, non-toxic product that organically changes rust spots to hard, paintable surfaces. Worried about protecting the bed of your pick-up? Plasti-kote's spray-on Truck Bed Liner will protect your pick-up's bed by forming a flexible, textured surface over the bed's surface that can't even be weakened by gasoline. Truck Bed Liner is available in four colors: black, red, blue and white. Plasti-kote also carries a line of automotive aerosol chemicals and lubricants. Sprays to strip the paint, aerosols for protecting spark plug wires and various lubricants are all a part of the Plasti-kote automotive line. And, last but not least, Plasti-kote has a spray Can Gun to keep your fingers and thumbs from getting messy and tired.

Plasti-kote and Valspar Warranty

Plasti-kote and its parent company, Valspar, fully guarantee all products. If you receive an aerosol product that does not spray properly or if it has a defective valve, Plasti-kote will replace the container without charge. If you receive a defective product, you can contact Plasti-kote or Valspar Corporation, or you can contact Brandsport by phone or through e-mail. However, with Plasti-kote's history in the aerosol specialty finishes industry, their rigorous testing and high standards, we're sure Plasti-kote's products will meet and exceed your expectations.




Black Metallic Touch-Up Spray Paint 11 ounce PlastiKote #1002
Flat Black Touch-Up Spray Paint 11 ounce PlastiKote #1003
GM Black Metallic Touch-Up Spray Paint 11 ounce PlastiKote #1045
Bright Platinum Touch-Up Spray Paint 11 ounce PlastiKote #1066
Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volvo, Volkswagen Black Scratch Kit 2-in-1 Touch Up Paint Kit 3 tubes PlastiKote #2001
Various Black Metallic Scratch Kit 2-in-1 Touchup Kit 3 tubes PlastiKote #2002
Various Flat Black Scratch Kit 2-in-1 Touchup Kit 3 tubes PlastiKote #2003
Gray Zinc Rich Primer 12 ounce PlastiKote #471