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Radiator Caps

Here on this page you will find our selection of radiator caps to replace your cap with a high quality factory replacement. At we offer the highest quality products all the way down to small but important parts like a radiator cap. The purpose of this product is to secure your radiator fluid inside the tank and allows your engine to maintain temperature while running. Radiator caps are vented to help relieve pressure from the tank to prevent overheating. We offer a variety of radiator caps made from the highest quality materials from the most reputable manufacturers to ensure you are getting the best product on the market. Browse through our selection we have to offer to find the cap that best suits your car, truck or SUV.

At Brandsport, we are proud to provide our customers with only the highest quality parts and accessories to ensure your vehicle can look and run its best. Even down to the smallest accessories, such as the radiator caps. The swivel design allows the cap to be installed and removed much easier that the standard radiator cap. The radiator cap keeps the coolant in your vehicle’s radiator tank sealed and helps prevent overheating and allows your vehicle’s engine to maintain a more regulated temperature when running. The radiator cap is also vented, to prevent excess pressure into the overflow jug, and draw coolant from the overflow jug back into the radiator to prevent air from entering the system and allowing the coolant to perform its function more efficiently. And with our wide variety of options here at Brandsport, we want to ensure that you can easily find a match for your vehicle’s specific make and model. If your radiator cap is worn, damaged, or lost, look no further than the variety of radiator caps offered here at Brandsport.