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Speed Up With Red Lug Nuts

As a tuner enthusiast, you’re passionate about taking your ride and making it your own by adding some flair and some personality to a common make and model car. While most tuner mods are all about performance, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice attractiveness in order to achieve it. That’s why Brandsport carries attractive, performance-enhancing parts and accessories that marry form and function. One of the brightest examples of that principle is Red Lug Nuts. Most lug nuts are stainless steel or chrome and, frankly, they lack a little excitement. In our catalog, we have lug nuts in nontraditional colors like red, blue, black and even gold. Among our favorites are the Red Lug Nuts, and here’s why:

1. Red makes you go faster – The science behind this may be sketchy, but I know that red certainly feels faster and looks faster. Adding some distinctive splashes of red to your wheels in the form of red lug nuts just might get them spinning a bit more quickly, no?

2. Complementary colors – If your ride is red or has red accents, adding another bit of color with red lug nuts is a great way to complement the look of your car and to add an extra element of continuity.

3. Custom look – It’s the little details like red lug nuts that really give your tuner a custom look that doesn’t break the bank.

Red Lug Nuts from Gorilla Auto are a cool, lightweight alternative to factory original lug nuts and are designed in small diameter sizes especially for your tuner wheels. Each Gorilla lug nut is made from hardened steel and machined to exceed OEM specifications. Gorilla is committed to giving you the best in auto parts and accessories and has been doing so for over thirty years.

Be sure to check out Brandsport for red lug nuts and other top name auto parts and accessories when you want to mod your tuner. Our staff has a long history in the auto parts industry and that translates into knowledgeable and hassle-free customer service, including no-questions-asked returns. And remember, every single thing you buy from us at Brandsport – from body molding down to Red Lug Nuts – comes with the original manufacturers’ warranty. So shop with confidence at Brandsport today!