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Roll Bar & Chassis Paint

Do you want to dress up or maybe just touch up your roll bar? VHT has the perfect solution....... VHT Rollbar paint. Available in either satin or gloss black simply shake it up, spray it on and hit the road......or rather, off road.

Satin Black Roll Bar & Chassis Coating High Temp Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP671
Gloss Black Roll Bar & Chassis Coating High Temp Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP670

Protection and longevity are of the utmost importance for your automobile, tools, and equipment. Brandsport offers a wide variety of paints, coatings, and epoxies that you can rely on to help protect the quality and durability of your tools, equipment, and engine parts, restoring their quality and keeping them looking new! Designed for use on virtually anything in your shop this roll bar and chassis paint is extremely versatile and is ideal for use on tools & equipment, vehicle frame & chassis, shop racks, trailers, and so much more! In addition to being resistant to all weather, rust, corrosion, salt, and chemicals, this high quality formula is heat resistant up to 250 degrees! And no primer is required for this one step epoxy coating, making the simple application just another step easier! Dry to the touch in thirty minutes, and thoroughly dry overnight, this paint requires no curing. Take pride in the quality of your equipment and let the paints from Brandsport strike envy amongst your friends and neighbors with the look of expensive, high quality products.