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Rust Treatment

Rust can ruin the exterior of a car. When iron, water and oxygen combine, rust forms. This can occur in a variety of settings, but is most likely to take place in environments where there is a lot of salt around – for example, near saltwater or where there is a lot of salt present on the roads for snow and ice.

Rust Treatment 10.25 oz. aerosol can Permatex #81849
Black Rust Converter 11 ounce VHT #SP229

If your car starts to exhibit rust, stop it in its tracks with automotive rust converters or car rust treatment from Brandsport. We have products that will turn rust into hard, paintable surfaces and prevent rust from reoccurring. It can even be applied to surfaces like fiberglass, body filler or metal. And not to worry – the treated areas remain smooth and won’t bubble or foam. Choose from trusted brands like Plasti-Kote®, Permatex®, VHT® and Badger®. For smaller rusted areas, try the Touch Up Prep Pen. It sands and smoothes out rust spots for easy painting.