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Shop Towels, Rags & Wipes

If you're looking for an inexpensive shop rag then check out WypAll X80 paper towels.

These rugged shop paper towels feature the feel and cleaning ability of cloth shop rags and towels and are inexpensive enough to throw away. Use the WypAll paper towel over and over and it will keep sopping up wet messes without deteriorating thanks to its patented HydroLock knit. Not only do they feel like cloth shop rags, they resist ripping and tearing as well. How durable are WypAll paper towels? Throw one of these paper towels in the washing machine, let it air dry and it's clean and ready for another go round in your kitchen, bathroom, shop or garage! Not only is the WypAll paper towel extra durable, it's environmentally friendly too! In landfill tests, these super strong paper towels' fibers broke down in less than 300 days. WypAll disposable shop towels come in blue, white and red/orange and in a variety of sizes. If you want try one of these amazingly strong and absorbant towels without buying a whole roll or box, Brandsport has them available individually as well as in full rolls, brag boxes and quarter fold packs. With the feel and quality of shop rags but at a fraction of the cost the reusable WypAll paper towel is sure to find a place in your shop or home!

Permatex Hand Cleaner Pumice Cream Formula 14 oz. plastic tub #35013
Meguiars Shop Apron Sold Individually #MGAPRON

Working on your vehicle can result in some messy jobs. Paper towels aren’t enough, and using a hand towel destroys it. Luckily, Brandsport has a solution for you! A happy marriage between paper towels, and hand towels are the shop towels. Made from quick absorbing materials, these shop towels provide towel-quality absorbency without the cost! Perfect for any mess, these towels are ideal for use in your shop, kitchen, or bathroom. With their super-absorbent nature and ability to be dried and used again, these towels are cost efficient and can be used for cleaning up spills, or wiping down counters. They’re even tough enough to hold their own when washing your vehicle! Toss those paper towels in the trash, save your hard earned money, and invest in shop towels from Brandsport today.