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Make The Switch to Spline Lug Nuts

If you’re looking for a new set of lug nuts for your car or truck, consider making the switch from normal hex nuts to Spline Lug Nuts.

What’s a spline? In general, it’s a projection on a shaft – like a driveshaft or a lug nut – that fits into a corresponding groove. Specific to fasteners like nuts and screws, spline is a specific configuration – a 12-toothed configuration that is similar to double-hex. Instead of being inserted into the open end of the nut, these closed-end lug nuts are installed and removed with the help of a key that fits over the nut.

Why switch to Spline Lug Nuts? Here are a few reasons.

1. More torque. The major benefit of spline lug nuts is an increase in torquing power during installation or removal of the nuts. Because of the larger engagement area on a spline nut versus a regular hex or socket nut, you can tighten or loosen these lugs without extra exertion.

2. More stability. Because spline lug nuts can be installed without having a tool inserted into them, there is more room inside the nut to engage your car’s wheel stud. Without exterior splines, a lug nut could devote up to a third of its interior area to tool engagement – space that could be used to establish a tighter fit with the wheel stud.

Because of their efficiency, Spline Lug Nuts are popular with tuner enthusiasts. Not coincidentally, spline lugs are also popular for small-diameter lug nut sizes – the kind found on popular aluminum tuner wheels.

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