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Subaru & SPT Logo Decals, Stickers & Emblems

As a great believer in individuality and diversity, we at Brandsport made sure that our customers have the widest selection of Subaru decals and stickers to choose from. Our collection of Subaru decals and stickers can be divided into three primary categories. For those who want something immediately visible on their tint-less windows, we have original Subaru car stickers that have black-ink designs and sold individually. If, on the other hand, you need something that would stand out against the dark hues of your heavily tinted windows, we have what you need. Just check out our collection of original Subaru stickers that are sold with blue-ink designs. Both black and blue-ink designs, by the way, will have the words “Tuned by SPT” emblazoned on your windows.

SPT Sticker Set
Tuned by SPT Decal
Tuned by SPT Decal

Last but not the least, we have stickers for Subaru that are sold in sets of four. These come in blue-ink designs and perfect for each side of your Subaru. Of course, windows aren’t the only place you can place Subaru STI stickers on. You can also place them on the sides or doors of your car if you feel that the use of decals on your windows is hampering your vision. Also, it depends on the size or model of your car how many stickers would go well with your vehicle. Sometimes, less is more. Other times, the more you have, the merrier. As you can see, general advice can be contradicting so you need to find the perfect balance between them. Only then will you get to choose the best decals for your vehicle.