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Toyota 4Runner Air Filters

Toyota 4Runner Air Filters & Cold Air Intake

The Toyota 4Runner was first produced in 1984 from the already existing at the time, Toyota Hilux Surf. From the dashboard forward the 4Runner and the Hilux were identical. When it comes to the layout of the underbelly of the vehicle the Toyota 4Runner is almost identical to the very common Toyota pickup truck. It is offered in both rear wheel and in four wheel drive. The 4Runner is a mid-size SUV that has become one of the most popular vehicles on the market from Toyota. Making it a common and popular choice based on its reputation as a long lasting and reliable vehicle if maintained along the way. Having a clean air filter can both protect your vehicle from debris getting into your intake system but it can also give your 4Runner its proper power. Each make and model is different in the manufacturer’s recommendation for changing air filters, but typically should be done annually and is a relatively inexpensive and simple job to do on your 4Runner. Take a look through the selection of air filters offered to get the right filter you are in search of.