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Toyota and TRD Sport Parts Warranty Information

Please Note: While Brandsport LLC is proud to offer Toyota, Scion, Lexus and TRD parts we are in no way associated with Toyota Motor Sales, Toyota Motor Company or any subsidiary companies or dealerships.

Toyota Parts and Accessories About Page

From the freeways of LA to the rugged African Savannah the reliability, durability and unmatched quality of Toyota cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles has built a loyal and growing following of owners who will settle for nothing other than the best. For this reason, Brandsport is proud to carry not only genuine Toyota parts but also OE Toyota accessories. While Brandsport is not a Toyota dealership, our goal is to provide you with great prices and free shipping* on genuine Toyota parts and accessories as well as an enjoyable shopping experience. From an oil filter for the legendary Toyota Supra to a set of all-weather rubber floor mats for a burly Tundra, as long as it's a car, truck, van or SUV bearing the Toyota nameplate we can get you the parts and accessories you want! Thanks for your email.

A Brief History of Toyota Motor Company (TMC):

Born February of 1867, Sakichi Toyoda, Japan's King of Inventors, didn't build his first car until 1935 when he was deep into his sixties. Before founding and building one of the world's most recognized auto companies, Toyoda created a power-loom for spinning and weaving cloth and founded Toyota Spinning and Weaving Co., in 1918. After establishing Toyoda Automatic Loom Works in 1926. Though an unlikely candidate for the automotive industry, Toyoda sold the patent rights to one of his machines to an UK company, Platt Brothers and Co., Ltd in 1929. With that money Toyoda created an automobile department in Toyoda Automatic Loom Works in 1933. By the April the following year, production of the Model AA, the first Toyota car, began. In 1937 Toyota Motor Company was established with automobile and parts plants being established in Japan as well as around the world. The first North American operations were set up in Canada in 1964 and the Toyota Calty Design Research, Inc. opening its door in the US almost 10 years later in October of 1973.

Production of Toyota cars, trucks, vans and SUVs continued to grow. In 1988, Toyota established Lexus, providing a line of luxury cars with the same long-lasting quality Toyota built its name on. Toyota also built one of the first popular hybrid cars, the Prius, and in the winter of 2004 they introduced a line of luxury Lexus SUV hybrids, a first in the automotive industry. In 2005 the hybrid Highlander will follow, perhaps making Toyota a leader in green automotive technology. Toyota also began producing its Scion line in the spring of 2003, launching its line of small cars and SUVs aimed at the youth market, in California. With innovative ideas and a close eye on the consumer's desires, Toyota Motor Company embodies the spirit and ideals of Sakichi Toyoda even today.

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Genuine Toyota Parts for Maintenance and Repair:

When it comes to keeping your Toyota car, truck, van or SUV running like new trust nothing less than genuine Toyota parts. Brandsport carries not only Toyota air filters and oil filters but also windshield wipers and wiper blade refills as well. OE Toyota parts are the same parts that came with your vehicle and are recommended for getting the longest life from it. They meet the high standards and guidelines set by Toyota to give you the quality and peace of mind that came with your car, truck, van or SUV. If you need other Toyota parts not found on let us know! While we are not a Toyota dealership, we can use our connections to get you OE Toyota parts with FREE shipping options available

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Genuine Toyota Accessories:

From floor mats to the popular RS3200 alarm system, Brandsport is also your source for genuine Toyota accessories. Whether it dresses up the outside of your truck or SUV or makes your car or van more comfortable for long road trips, if it is a factory Toyota accessory we can get it for you! By using the same interior and exterior accessories Toyota included with your vehicle, you can expect not only for a proper fit and function, but you also get the same high quality in an Toyota accessory as you do in your vehicle. Not seeing the genuine Toyota accessory you're looking for? Let us know! We can get you the Toyota accessories you want. If it's available Brandsport can get it to you

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Toyota Performance Parts:

Whether you want more horsepower for racing or towing, better handling for tearing up the track or the daily drive, or just want to get the most from your Toyota, check out performance parts from Toyota Racing Development (TRD)! TRD is the Motorsports arm of Toyota, producing superchargers, short throw shifters, suspension kits, brake pads and anything else that helps you get the performance you desire from your Toyota. Plus, since it is a part of Toyota, TRD performance parts are built to the specs of your Toyota and will give you the same peace of mind that came with your car, truck, van or SUV. When it comes to Toyota performance, nobody is better than TRD. When it comes to getting TRD performance parts, nobody is better than Brandsport. We use our connections to not only bring you great prices on TRD parts and provide FREE shipping on larger orders! If you don't see the performance part you're looking for, let us know and if it's available, we'll get it to you.

Toyota Parts and Accessories Warranty:
Brandsport is not affiliated with Toyota Motor Sales (Toyota Motor Sports) and cannot be responsible for warranty claims for any TRD or Toyota parts and/or accessories. For warranty information about Toyota parts and accessories contact your local Toyota dealership or check out Toyota's website. As always, if you have any questions please contact us.

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TRD Performance Parts

You rev your Toyota's engine and the RPM gauge needle jumps from its steady idle position to the red zone. Your heart races with your engine, your pulse rising as the exhaust tone does, anticipating the rush of horsepower and torque. Welcome to the world of Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

As the Motorsports division of Toyota, TRD does more than design and provide top of the line perrformance parts for Toyota cars, truck, vans and SUVs. From NASCAR to CART, off-road to autocross, TRD is responsible for the research and development necessary to provide the performance edge that wins races and championships. The research is transferred into TRD parts and allows them to meet the rigors and demands of performance driving. Racing engines, suspension components, exhaust systems- you name the Toyota performance parts, TRD designs and builds them. Often the innovations developed for Toyota race teams are not only used for TRD parts but also implemented by Toyota for passenger cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. Because of TRD's unrelenting dedication to performance and adherence to the high standards of quality set forth by Toyota, Brandsport is proud to offer TRD parts and accessories.

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Background of TRD

Before becoming Toyota Racing Development, TRD was known as Toyota Sports Corner, or TOSCO. TOSCO was established in Yokohama and built Toyota's first performance engines for the Celica and Corolla, and provided the Japanese domestic market (JDM) with performance parts, allowing Toyota to compete against its rival, Datsun. However, to appeal to a wider market, in the mid-1970's TOSCO's name was changed to Toyota Racing Development and TRD parts began to make their way into the hands Toyota enthusiasts in the United States. Though not as popular as American-made cars, the smaller Toyota cars still found a niche in the United States auto market that continues to grow today.

During the 70's, 80's and much of the 90's, TRD parts came directly from Japan. In 1995, Toyota established TRD USA in Southern California. While TRD Japan parts are still available in the United States, most TRD parts found in the US are from TRD USA. By establishing a Toyota Motorsports division in the US, TRD has allowed Toyota to expand racing and performance development beyond Japan. One TRD facility in Costa Mesa, CA, is focused on developing racing engines for cars in the CART and Indy racing circuits. Tustin, CA, on the other hand, is home to TRD Sales and Special Projects Division. From this facility TRD develops, markets and distributes TRD parts and accessories for Toyota, Lexus and Scion owners while the Special Projects Division builds Toyota racing engines for vehicles in Off-Road, Sports Car, Toyota Atlantic and NASCAR DASH series racing circuits. Not only has this built awareness of Toyota's presence in the racing community, it has also added a performance edge to Toyota's reputation for quality.

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TRD Superchargers

If you want to add serious performance to your Toyota then slam a TRD supercharger under the hood. By shooting air straight into your Toyota's intake manifold, a TRD supercharger increases horsepower and torque by creating a more volatile air/fuel mixture to help your engine burn more of the fuel it receives. Not only does your Toyota's engine run more efficiently, if you can keep your foot off the accelerator you might even see a modest improvement in gas mileage! Superchargers not only provide your vehicle with more power at all RPM levels, it keeps your engine compartment cooler than a turbo charger. Each TRD supercharger is made to the specifications of the Toyota model it's intended for. With every TRD supercharger you can rest assured you get the necessary wiring, hardware and, if necessary, re-programmed ECU as well as installation instructions. No wonder TRD superchargers are one Toyota's most popular performance upgrades!

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TRD Performance Exhaust

Whether you want enhanced performance or a burly exhaust tone, TRD has the exhaust accessory or system for your Toyota! Looking for the best way to get exhaust to leave the manifold? TRD headers are your best bet. Featuring a vibra-polished satin finish, a TRD header is designed as an easy, bolt-on replacement for your factory Toyota exhaust and is smog legal in all 50 states! TRD has a header kit for a variety of engines, from a 4-cylinder MR2 to a V8 Tundra.

Perhaps you want to add yet more power and a healthy exhaust tone? Check out TRD sport mufflers and performance exhaust kits! A TRD muffler not only increases horsepower, with stainless steel construction and a polished TRD logo exhaust tip these sport mufflers will also dress up your ride. If you want to kick it up another notch, TRD cat-back exhaust kits are for you. Made from 304 stainless steel, TRD cat-back exhaust systems improve horsepower, add a nice exhaust note and are easy to install. They use Toyota factory gaskets and hardware and the hangers are designed to use the factory mounts. Plus, since it bolts on behind the catalytic converter (hence the name "cat-back"), most TRD cat-back exhaust systems are 50 states emissions legal.

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TRD Suspension Parts & Components

You don't have to be a hard-core racer or off-roader to appreciate TRD suspension parts. From full-on suspension kits to lowering springs and performance shocks and struts, TRD has the parts you desire to improve your Toyota, Lexus or Scion's handling to meet your demands. Each TRD suspension part is designed to the specs of the vehicle it's intended for, giving you not only a superior fit but also the improved handling and road feel you demand.

If you want to change the stance of your ride, TRD suspension kits, lowering springs or coil-overs might just do the trick. Depending on the application, a TRD suspension kit comes with lowering springs as well as shocks/struts, and in some cases, bushings and sway bars. TRD lowering springs not only improve handling of your vehicle but also give it an aggressive, acrophobic appearance. To prevent settling and sagging, TRD lowering springs are made of cold rolled steel.

For a serious handling upgrade, check out TRD sway bars and strut tower braces. Sway bars give your Toyota a flatter, more stable stance that allows you to enjoy the cornering capabilities of your ride. For support, TRD strut tower braces and member braces support your Toyota's frame at key flex points to improve steering response and a more rigid, racecar like feel. As with all TRD parts, TRD suspension components are made to the specifications of your Toyota, Lexus or Scion to give your vehicle the best improvement in handling and steering available.

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TRD Brake Parts & Kits

When you have a high performance machine you need the high performance braking offered by TRD! TRD has high performance brake pads as well as big brake kits to meet all your stopping needs. TRD brake pads are made specifically for your vehicle and are designed to reduce fade and last longer than other brake pads. Depending on the application, TRD brake pads feature a carbon composite material or an organic compound.

TRD big brake kits offer the additional stopping power needed by higher horsepower applications. Featuring oversized slotted rotors for increased cooling and red, four-piston calipers with the TRD logo, TRD big brake kits also come with Kevlar/ceramic brake pads as well as upgraded brake-lines.

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TRD Cold Air Intakes

Want to improve your Toyota's performance but don't to spend the big bucks on a TRD supercharger? Then the TRD cold air intake is for you! By moving the air filter to where it can induct cooler, oxygen dense air, a TRD cold air intake helps your engine breathe and offers a gain in horsepower and torque. Included with every TRD cold air intake is a reusable, high-performance TRD air filter that also helps improve engine airflow. Cold air induction systems are not only a great way to improve your Toyota's performance, they're easy to install as well.

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TRD Filters

Whether you want the enhanced airflow of a TRD air filter or the extra protection of a TRD oil filter, TRD filters offer your Toyota, Lexus or Scion the best of both. TRD reusable air filters come pre-oiled and ready to drop into your vehicle's air filter box. Featuring 4-layers of cotton filtering media, a polyurethane body and a protective epoxy-coated mesh, TRD air filters allow more air into your intake while capturing more dirt and particulate matter than conventional paper filters. Plus, you only have to wash this reusable air filter every 30-50,000 miles! We also carry the TRD cleaning kit to keep your washable air filter in great shape.

TRD oil filters are perfect for the serious racer as well as someone who wants the most protection for their engine. With a double locking seal, flex-resistant steel mounting plate and a silicon drain valve, TRD oil filters are built stand up to punishing performance driving while filtering out and holding 45% more dirt, metal particles and contaminants. We carry both TRD high performance oil filters and racing oil filters from TRD Japan.

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TRD Quickshifters & Clutch Kits

As important as the engine, the transmission helps you get the most from the power of your Toyota, which is why TRD developed the quickshifter and clutch kits. TRD quickshifters, or short shifters, reposition the pivot points of your manual shifter to create a 20% shorter throw between gears, allowing you to get the most from your RPMs and increase your shifting speed. Once you have a short shifter installed in your Toyota, dress it up with a TRD shift knob! Featuring a variety of styles as well as materials, there's sure to be a shift knob that's perfect for adding the right performance-inspired touch to your ride.

TRD clutch kits are designed to give your Toyota not only a higher torque capacity but also faster shifting. Because they're made specifically for your Toyota, TRD clutch kits come with OEM Toyota throw-out bearings and clutch discs along with high capacity TRD pressure plates, stiffer diaphragm springs and load straps. A TRD clutch kit is perfect for your high-horsepower machine!

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Other TRD Parts & Accessories

From dress-up to smack-down, TRD provides a whole host of other parts and accessories to help you make the right statement about your ride. For under the hood, you can add TRD oil caps as well as TRD radiator caps, all featuring the much-respected TRD logo. For serious racers and tuners, check out the TRD camshaft or fuel pressure regulator. A super-chunky TRD camshaft will give your Toyota the extra horsepower you demand while a TRD fuel pressure regulator will allow you to fine-tune the fuel flow. Not only does adjusting your fuel flow allow you to give your engine the extra fuel it needs for more horsepower but also prevents damage from leaning out. TRD also developed spark plug wires that deliver a hotter, higher voltage spark and is resistant to heat and oil damage.

For Toyota trucks and SUVs, TRD developed a limited slip differential. The TRD limited slip differential offers more traction when driving on wet and slippery surfaces and is built for the long run. It's perfect for off-road adventures! If you want to preserve the life of your truck's automatic transmission then you need the extra cooling capacity of the TRD transmission cooler. Featuring a race tested oversize design, TRD transmission coolers are perfect for towing and driving on steep mountain grades.

TRD also has the parts and accessories you need to give your ride the right attitude. TRD body kits, stainless steel grills, fender flares and alloy wheels will dress up the outside while TRD gauge faces, seat belt shoulder pads and shift knobs will tell your passengers you're serious about performance. Whatever statement you want to make with your Toyota, TRD can help.

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Other Cool TRD Stuff

We have more than just TRD parts and accessories! TRD has not only some of the coolest decals and emblems, but also one-of-a-kind key chains, umbrellas and patches that you won't find at the mall.

Some of our most popular TRD emblems and decals come from TRD Japan. While in the United States the current trend of tuner cool is to have Japanese kanji emblems and decals on your ride, in Japan English script is cool. We carry not only TRD Japan JDM stickers and emblems in plain English as well as cool TRD stickers and emblems featuring kanji for the United States market. TRD stickers and emblems are perfect for bragging about the prowess of your machine while TRD sew-on patches and wappen are a cool way to give your favorite shirt, jacket or even seat covers a touch of mechanic chic.

If you're looking for a cool key chain then you've come to right place. TRD, TRD Japan - we have the best of both available in a variety of styles and materials, including carbon fiber, stainless steel and anodized aluminum. Brandsport also carries desktop items such as TRD Japan coffee cups, one of a kind items such as the TRD Japan pocket ashtray as well as great gift ideas for a TRD enthusiast, like TRD license plate frames, umbrellas and valve stem covers. In or out of your car, truck, van or SUV, if you're a racing or performance enthusiast we have the TRD item for you!

Whether you're looking for performance enhancing TRD parts, hard to find accessories or a truly unique TRD decal to set your ride apart from the rest, Brandsport can get it for you! With FREE shipping options and an excellent selection, we're dedicated to helping you get parts, accessories or anything else you want for your Toyota, Scion or Lexus. We're sure TRD parts and accessories will give your car, truck, van or SUV the extra horsepower or finishing touch you've been looking for!

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TRD Parts & Accessories Warranty

Since Brandsport is not a Toyota dealership, affiliated with Toyota Motor Sales or Toyota Racing Development we cannot honor or be responsible for any TRD or TRD Japan warranty claims. For information concerning warranty of TRD parts and accessories, please visit TRD's official warranty page or contact your local Toyota, Lexus or Scion dealership. As always, we are glad to answer any question so please feel free to contact us.

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Toyota is widely regarded as the manufacturer of the most reliable cars, SUVs and trucks on the road. Brandsport is proud to provide these products to our loyal customers with free shipping on orders over $200 and no sales tax. Read about our Toyota and TRD Sports Parts and Warranties. We have it all from exterior additions like hitch covers and touch up paint; interior enhancements like seat covers, cleaning products and floor mats; and performance items from Toyota Racing Development like TRD cold air intakes. Check our range of products and information today.