Trim & Molding Care

Make your car look as good as new with trim and molding care from Brandsport. We carry black trim paint that matches most factory trim in both brush and spray-on application types. It works on wiper arms, mirrors, bumpers and window trim. Our trim detailer restores color and richness to faded trim and molding, while our plastic and vinyl restorer works wonders on all sorts of exterior hardware.

Plastic Restorer
Rubber, Vinyl, & Plastic Restorer
Vinyl/Rubber Protectant
Vinyl/Rubber/Plastic Protectant
Vinyl/Rubber Protectant
Rubber, Vinyl, Leather & Care
Plastic Cleaner & Polish

And if your automobile hasn’t gotten to that point yet, protect your exterior with smooth surface protectant that prevents ozone and smog damage, and shields plastic and rubber against harmful UV rays. We carry both spray-on and bottle applications that can be applied easily with a cloth. Choose from high quality brands like Plasti-Kote®, Meguiars® and Mothers®. Repairing scratches and dings on your automobile’s exterior is simple and quick with Brandsport’s wide range of superior trim and molding care. Find quality car trim paint and black plastic restorer with Brandsport.