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Truck Molding Helps Keep Your Truck Looking As Good As It Drives

Nothing takes a beating and keeps going like a good, old-fashioned truck. From the newest heavy-duty models to the iconic Ford pickups of the 1950s, trucks are built tough, built to last and built to shrug off everyday wear and tear.

But that doesn’t mean that truck owners want to find a ding in their side panels. Minor damage caused by swinging doors, wayward shopping carts and maybe even the occasional power tool doesn’t have to mar your truck’s exterior. You can protect your truck from scuffs, scratches, dents and other marks of minor damage by installing Truck Molding on your pickup.

Truck Molding can go anywhere on your truck to keep it safe – install it wherever you want! Just cut the exact length you need, peel the backing off and stick. The 3M adhesive handles the rest, and it’s super strong, just like your truck. In fact, the molding you’ll find here at Brandsport is so tough that you can stick it just about anywhere – it’s made for cars and trucks, but it works great with RVs, boats , and literally anything else you can attach it to.

You can find Truck Molding in flat black or chrome, but you can also try to match your vehicle’s current color with the superior selection of available colors at Brandsport – order a color sample card at no cost to get the perfect match!

Brandsport’s supply of truck molding comes from the experts at Precision Trim and Trim-Gard. Brandsport only carries products from the top brands in automotive parts and accessories, so you can trust that what you put on your truck is what we would put on ours.

Made from vinyl and polyurethane, our selection of Truck Molding is tough and long-lasting, keeping your truck protected against 1,000 tiny injuries. Anything that you buy with us at Brandsport is subject to our peerless customer service philosophy, including no-hassle returns. We’ve been in the parts business for thirty years, so we know our vehicle parts just as well as we know our customers!