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Wheel & Hub Cap Paint

Are your hupcaps looking pretty ratty? VHT has developed this line of wheel cover paint specifically engineered for plastic wheel covers. Available here in various colors, simply select a color, start shakin' and sprayin' and your hubcaps will look like new again. This VHT paint is also great for light touchup jobs if you happen to skim a curb or two. Restore your worn wheels and hub caps inexpensively while achieving a truly beautiful finish.

Gloss Black Wheel Paint High Temp Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP187

If you’ve ever skimmed a curb or two, you’ve seen the unsightly scratches they can leave on your hub caps. If only we could magically make them disappear, right? Brandsport offers a product specifically engineered for plastic wheel covers and hub caps, that virtually make these scratches disappear from view, like magic! This inexpensive alternative to replacement will restore your wheels and covers and keep them looking new. In a spray can form, this easy to apply paint comes in a variety of shades including silver, clear, aluminum, and black. Our wheel paints also resist chipping, fading, and cracking and leave a truly beautiful finish. Dry to the touch in thirty minutes and ready to handle in an hour, you can have wheel covers that look brand new in no time at all! So, if your hubcaps are ready for some sprucing up, let Brandsport offer you a cheaper alternative with our high quality wheel paints and watch them restore your wheels, wheel caps, and covers back to a new and stunning appearance.