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Find The Right Size Wheel Nuts For Your Vehicle

Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive way to snazz up your car or truck? Have some worn out, rusted OEM parts that you need to replace? Whether you want to give your ride a cool, custom look that will set it apart from the rest of the pack or just replace aging or corroded parts, Brandsport has a seemingly endless selection of Wheel Nuts and other parts and accessories made to fit your car and your lifestyle.

Wheel nuts might be tiny, but that’s no reason to overlook them. They’re the only thing keeping your wheels attached, after all. That’s why at Brandsport, we stock only the best in Wheel Nuts and Locking Wheel Nuts. We even have washers, lug bolts and wheel nut keys in order to accommodate every style of nut out there.

Use our handy Search Tool to find the right lug nut size for your car. Enter the make and model and we’ll show you everything in stock that fits. Simple and smart, this tool helps get you back on the road fast!

Not sure what the right size is? Just identify whether your current lugs’ seat (the bottom of the nut that fits onto the wheel stud, identified by its shape) is – tapered or acorn, which is set at a 60 degree angle; ball seat, which is rounded and common on Honda and Acura automobiles; or the flat mag seat, which require washers for a proper fit. You can also figure out the thread size and thread pitch – pitch is the distance between threads in millimeters (for non-metric wheel studs, pitch is the number of threads per inch) and thread size is the diameter of the wheel stud across the thread. You can find the factory original value for your thread and pitch in your car’s owner’s manual or find the value by testing a lug nut at a hardware store.

The wheel nut sizes you’ll see on Brandsport are expressed as ‘thread size’ X ‘thread pitch’. Some popular sizes are 12mm X 1.50, 7/16” X 20, 9/16” X 18 and 14mm X 2.0.

For high quality Wheel Nuts at great prices, shop here with us at Brandsport. With thirty years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the best parts for your vehicle!