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Car Windshield Sun Shades

Coverking Custom Car Windshield Sun Shades & Sun Visors

Coverking custom tailored Car Sun Shades are custom made to order and usually ship in 5-7 business days. Find a set for your vehicle below....

Coverking Car Sunshades are designed to minimize the uncomfortable and harmful effects from the sun as well as reduce heat build up in your car. These custom cut Sun Visors from Coverking are manufactured using a triple-layer laminate design for maximum protection. When not in use, simply roll it up and store it away.

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Coverking Custom Car Sun Shades

Custom Seat Cover

Coverking custom fitted Car Sunshades are a very popular accessory, enjoyed by many motorists to block out damaging UV rays from the sun and prevent heat build up inside their vehicles. Car Shades have evolved from the old days of a plain foldout cardboard piece to a much more advanced laminated design featuring the latest and greatest materials which do a better job of reflecting harmful UV rays and have a much longer life

Coverking introduced their line of Custom Auto Sunshades more than 10 years ago as they saw a market for consumers who were not satisfied with the cheap, universal fit of most Sun Shields. Cut precisely to the exacting contours of your vehicle's windshield, Coverking Sun Visors are made of the highest quality materials.

Unlike some "bubble wrap" Auto Shades commonly available, Coverking offers only the highest quality triple-laminated material cut to exacting standards and finished with a black felt edging. As a result of Coverkingís attention to detail and exacting standards, these Custom Car Sun Shades have proven to be a very popular accessory among discerning car owners.

Quality Materials;

custom sunshield roll up reflectiveNow you might think a Custom Sunshades would be a very simple concept, but the execution of that concept is quite complicated. To achieve optimum reflection and insulation of heat and UV rays, most materials are still and not able to fold or roll. Coverking developed a special high density foam which has excellent insulation properties, and laminated it between two layers of Mylar. The outer layer is Mylar with an aluminized coating, which reflects virtually all UV rays. The inside layer of each Coverking Car Sunshade is plain Mylar, which adds rigidity and protects the middle foam layer. These three layers work together to provide the best heat and UV reflection, insulate against heat, and withstand numerous folding and rolling while maintaining rigidity to hold your new Auto Sunshades shape while on your windshield.

Pattern Design;

Itís the quality design, materials and fit that set Coverking Custom Car Shades apart from all other competitors. Coverking places the utmost priority on the accuracy of it's custom patterns. Coverking employs a full time staff of professional pattern makers along with the latest in advanced computer aided design (pioneered in the industry by Coverking over 20 years ago). Coverking sees to it that it has the latest tools and technology to ensure a consistent, perfect fitting Custom Sun Visors. All Coverking Custom Sun Visor patterns are CAD designed with measurements and details taken from the original vehicle windshield using the latest techniques and sophisticated software. The process of making your Custom Auto Shade pattern takes hours, but the results are well worth it, a perfect compliment to the original vehicle's windshield.

Use and Storage;

Installation and removal are a snap. Installation is simply unrolling the Custom Car Sun Shade and placing it against the vehicle's windshield. Because these Custom Sun shade for cars are cut to precisely the windshields shape, the surrounding frame holds the Car Sunshade in place. Removal is just as simple, remove the Auto Sunshade, roll it up, and apply the velcro strap to keep it in place.


Coverking Custom Car Shades are made in California, U.S.A. by skilled professionals working in a clean and comfortable environment.

We carry both Custom Tailored and Universal Fit Car Sun Shades and Sun Visors to help protect your vehicleís interior. Donít let the sun damage your carís interior. Check out our sun shades to help protect it. These Car Sun Shades are made to fit your vehicle so that there is no messing with the size difference. Another thing that these visors are good for is leather interior? Well, if you do, donít you hate it when you go to sit down in your carís leather seats on a hot day and the leather is like sitting on the sun itself? Well, now with the sun visor, it can help keep the sun from sitting on the leather and heating it up and making it painful to sit on. Find the right custom car sun shade for your car, truck, van or SUV to help protect the interior. Browse through our Car Sun Shades and Sun Visors to find the right one for your car, truck, van or SUV and help protect the interior of your vehicle, because it deserves to be protected just as much as the exterior does. Make sure that if you have leather interior that you take extra special care of it so that it wonít crack or just get damaged by the sun, so use a protector to help protect your interior as much as you can. We want to help you keep your interior new looking and well taken care of.