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Wilmar Brake Spring Tool #W82004

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If you are planning on changing the brake shoes on your car then make sure the job goes smoothly...... get the right tools. One tool you will regret not getting is this brake spring removal/installation tool. Why fight the job with pliers, screwdrivers, your busted up fingers, etc.? Get smart, get Wilmar's Brake Spring Tool and make your life a whole lot easier. This brake tool features a small socket head design to fit in those tight spots and the head is designed to grab the spring washer so you can keep track of the parts and ensure a professional result. This spring tool fits retaining springs from 5/8" up to 11/16" found on most cars. Hardened steel construcion with composite handle.
  • Remove / install brake drum springs on most cars easily.
  • Small socket designed to fit into small spaces.
  • Specially designed socket grips & holds the retainer washer.
  • Fits springs from 5/8" to 11/16" in diameter (most cars).
  • Wilmar Brake Spring Tool #W82004