Wrinkle Finish Paint

Add a deep rich textured wrinkle finish to your valve covers, alternators, firewalls, starters, door panels, metal dashboards & many other components.

Red Wrinkle Plus® Coating High Temp Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP204
Black Wrinkle Plus® Coating High Temp Spray Paint 11 ounce VHT #SP201

Looking to spruce up your vehicles accessories and components? Add an interesting and fresh texture with our wrinkle finish paint from VHT. At Brandsport, we know that making sure your vehicle looks fresh under the hood, is just as important as keeping the exterior looking new. Our wrinkle finish paints deliver a tough, durable finish that is resistant to corrosion, rust, cracking, and chipping; keeping your components looking great. Our product is heat resistant up to 350F, so it can handle the heat under the hood! The VHT Coating provides a deep, rich texture with top of the line coverage to hide any imperfections. Our product is safe for use under virtually anything under your hood, including valve covers, alternator, firewall, starter, door panel, metal dashboard & many other components. Give your vehicle accessories and components a fresh, cool look with VHT Wrinkle Paint from Brandsport today.