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Brandsport is the right and only place to find the best wheel locks available for almost all cars, trucks, and SUVs! No matter if you are looking for locking lug nuts, more commonly referred to as wheel locks, for your Honda Civic, some car wheel lock bolts for your BMW, or just a universal set of wheel lock nuts for your trailer or RV, we have most in stock at some of the lowest prices anywhere. With such lock nut brands as Excalibur, Gorilla, West Coast Wheel, and more, you can trust that our selection of wheel lock nuts will fit your entire lock nut and wheel lock needs.
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4 Threads per inch (TPI)
20 Threads per inch (TPI)
20 Threads per inch (TPI)
18 Threads per inch (TPI)
11 Threads per inch (TPI)
18 Threads per inch (TPI)
1.25mm Thread spacing
1.25mm Thread spacing
1.50mm Thread spacing
1.75mm Thread spacing
1.25mm Thread spacing
1.50mm Thread spacing
2.0mm Thread spacing
1.50mm Thread spacing
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Wheel Nut – also referred to as a lug nut – fastens the wheel to a vehicle. The type you will need is specific to the vehicle you drive. At Brandsport, we carry a wide range of lug nuts in various sizes to suit your needs. If you drive a Honda, Toyota, BMW, Chevy and any make and model of these and numerous other vehicles, you’ll need a specific lug nut and tool to remove and replace it. Another concern you might have when purchasing your wheel nuts is that they lock. Locking lug nuts are used to prevent the theft of your cars wheels. This can be an expensive proposition if you’re a victim of theft and a gorilla wheel lock is a wise purchase to protect yourself from being victimized.

We have a number of sizes to choose from. If you need 3/8 inch x 24, 7/16 x 20, 16mm x 1.50 and anywhere in between, we can help. Whether you’re driving a car, pickup truck. SUV, RV or large truck, at Brandsport we have a simple to use search engine to find precisely what you’re looking for. If you’re completely unsure of what you need, call us and one of our experienced customer service professionals will be glad to assist you. We also have a Q&A section to help with problems.

In addition to wheel locks and locking lug nuts, we also have lug nut keys to remove your lug nuts. If you need an individual lug nut key or a mechanics set, come to Brandsport. A Gorilla kit comes with an entire set. We also have Excalibur, West Coast Wheel and other manufacturers. Whatever tool you need or vehicle you drive, you can find your locking lug nuts at Brandsport.com.

We’ve been in business since 1998 helping customers like you find the exact parts they need at prices that have made them come back to us again and again. With Brandsport, you pay no sales taxes and orders over $200 qualify for free shipping. Come to Brandsport for the best quality tools for the right job.