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Spare Tire Covers

Most off-road vehicles like Jeep Wranglers and CJs, Toyota 4Runners and even RAV4 models have spare tires mounted on the rear tailgate of the vehicle. However, without Spare tire covers, that spare tire sticking out there detracts from the look of the vehicle. Yes, you’ve got an off-road vehicle, but if you’re like most people, you drive it on the road as well, and you care about looks as much as function.

Spare tire covers are for more than just protecting your spare wheel and tire from the elements. A properly designed tire cover will enhance the look of your off-road vehicle. Well-designed spare wheel covers like what you’ll find here at Brandsport, are all made with high-quality products and will stand the test of time. Every cover is built to last.

Brandsport carries covers from a large number of vendors. You’ll find spare wheel covers from such recognized names as SmittyBilt, Bestop, Plasticolor, Wolf, and more. You’ll also find OEM spare wheel covers for Toyota vehicles. You’ll find Jeep spare tire covers to fit tires from 27-inches on up to a number of monstrous 35-inch covers.

Whether you’re looking for a cover that’s made of black leather-look vinyl, or one made of hard plastic, Brandsport has what you’re looking for..

You can even pick a 4X4 spare wheel cover without a design or logo. In this way, you’ll have a cover that’s color-matched to your pride and joy. Brandsport stocks spare wheel covers in black, tan & spice and even some with logos and character themes. However, you can also find a Jeep spare tire cover in your choice of colors to properly match the color of your Wrangler.

Chances are, that the spare tire on the back of your rig is on a not-so-attractive steel wheel. With a spare cover, you won’t be looking at the ugly spare wheel, but an attractively covered tire, maybe even with the brand and logo of the vehicle you own. Our Spare tire covers are available for every major make and model of vehicle on the market.

If you’re looking for a Jeep spare tire cover, you’ll find covers with a wide range of designs. You’ll also find spare wheel covers with other designs as well. Toyota Rav4 owners will also find covers with the Rav4 logo.

Some of the more popular designs you’ll find on a 4X4 spare wheel cover will surprise you.

You can also find spare tire covers in a variety of more patriotic themes. For the biker in you, there’s a spare cover with the Harley Davidson logo in different colors. For the all-out American patriot theme, there are spare tire covers with American flags, patriotic sayings, and both sayings and flags.

Maybe you want your wheel cover to tell the world about your commitment to a particular cause. There are also spare tire covers that tell the world you support Peace. These spare wheel covers have flowers and/or the Peace sign/symbol.

Well designed and built Jeep spare tire covers are a mix of form and function. Sure, you want a 4X4 spare wheel cover to protect your spare from the elements. But you also want a cover that’s going to keep your ride looking great and hide the ugly spare tire hanging off the back. Sure, having a spare tire cover will add a little time if you have to change a flat tire, but your spare wheel cover is also going to ensure that you’ll be able to be happy about what it looks like when you slap it on your vehicle.

Take your time while browsing the spare wheel cover selection at Brandsport. Your spare wheel cover says a lot about you and you want it to make the right statement.