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Valve Stems & Caps

Valve Stems & Caps

Valve Stems & Caps

Important pieces of hardware some vehicle owners overlook are the tire valve stem caps. These parts are not only vital to protecting your valve stems, but they are also a great way to finish off the custom look when adding various accessories to your vehicle. With a great selection of both branded and universal tire valve stem caps as well as our full range of tire valve stem replacement parts, Brandsport will be able to help you top off your new wheel and tire package easily and affordably.

Gorilla Tire Valve Stem Cap
Gorilla Valve Stem Cap
Excalibur Flush Mount Valve Stems
Gorilla Flush Mount Valve Stems
Gorilla Flush Mount Valve Stems
Dome Top "Hex" Cap Style, Gorilla Brand

Flat "Hex" Cap Style, Gorilla Brand

Slotted Cap Style, Gorilla Brand

Slotted Cap Style, Gorilla Brand

Smooth Cap Style, Gorilla Brand

Genuine Subaru WRX Valve Stem Caps
Genuine Subaru SPT Valve Stem Caps
Genuine Subaru STi Valve Stem Caps
Genuine Subaru Valve Stem Caps
Currently Unavailable
WRX Logo, Genuine Subaru

SPT Logo, Genuine Subaru

STi Logo, Genuine Subaru

Subaru Logo, Genuine Subaru

Black, Genuine TRD

Gorilla Valve Stem Filler Tube
Gorilla Tire Valve Stem
Gorilla Wheel Valve Stem
Gorilla Angled Valve Stem
Gorilla Chrome Valve Stem
For Flush Mount Valve Stems, Gorilla Brand

Outside Mount, Gorilla Brand

Inside Mount, Gorilla Brand

Angle Style, Gorilla Brand

Snap-in Style, Gorilla Brand

Gorilla Chrome Valve Stem
Gorilla Rubber Valve Stem
Gorilla Valve Stem
Snap-in Style, Long, Gorilla Brand

Rubber Snap-in Style, Gorilla Brand

High Pressure Style, Gorilla Brand

With such cool wheels available for many rides today, reinstalling your factory tire valve stems and caps might be a mistake! By choosing the appropriate tire valve stem replacement components along with a new set of custom valve stem caps, your wheels will look great! Our selection is exactly what you need to make sure you reduce the risk of loosing air pressure from your tires due to a broken or cracked old valve stem.

Gorilla, the top manufacturer of tire valve stem parts, including various styles of tire valve stems and tire valve stem caps, offers many great looks and features not found in your existing tire hardware. For instance, looking for a low profile tire valve stem to match those cool racing wheels? Consider our flush mount tire valve stems, available with either slotted or smooth valve stem caps, these tire valve stem replacement parts could be the finishing touches you have been looking for.

Installing flush mount valve stems will require you to remove the tire from the wheel and putting it on like you would any other valve stem replacement. When style matters and you’ve dropped a roll for some sweet wheels, don’t let larger tire valve stem replacement parts spoil the look you are going for. Even though they are low profile, this type of stem is extremely durable thanks to its triple chrome plating. Each kit includes four flush mount stems, four caps, and filler tub.

Already purchased tire valve stems, but looking for the best tire valve stem caps? We currently offer a wide range of genuine branded valve stem caps from automotive manufacturer Subaru. With the crazy of hot all-wheel drive vehicles with power to match, Subaru performance vehicles can be seen from in the mountains to at the drag track. A few of the different genuine Subaru branded caps we offer include the Subaru logo, ones with the model name WRX and STi, plus SPT, or Subaru Performance Tuning division. When ordering one of these genuine Subaru cap kits, your order includes four polished caps that have a preinstalled o-ring seal that insure a tight seal which helps keep your valve orifices clean.

We also carry genuine TRD, or Toyota Racing Development, caps. These caps, from Toyota’s factory racing division, are available in both red and black and both have a super glossy finish. The houses of both caps are chrome finished in a hex-head design. These high quality caps are perfect for separating your Toyota Celica or Supra from the crowd or an excellent gift for the Toyota enthusiast in your life. Not interested in hooking up your car or installing more chrome bits, but just need a tire valve stem replacement? We also carry Gorilla rubber stems that are sold individually. These Gorilla rubber replacement stems feature a snap-in design that pushes into place from the inside of the wheel. Gorilla manufactures this rubber stem using the highest quality materials and strictest manufacturing standards. Again, they are sold here individually so that you can get just what you need to keep your tires inflated properly and in safe working order. This replacement stem also comes with a black plastic cap that is extremely durable.

Brandsport offers the best of both worlds when it comes to automotive accessories. From replacement parts to custom chrome bits, we have exactly what you are looking for at some of the best prices around. Plus, we offer free shipping on almost every order over $100 to not only make it easier for you, but cheaper as well. We even offer a no hassle return policy because we want our customers to be completely happy with all there automotive accessories they purchase from us directly.
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