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Car Ashtrays, Change Cups & Lighters

Keep your car clean Ė with Brandsportís help. We believe that the car is indeed a reflection of its owner. A dirty car points to a sloppy character, so do what you can keep it clean so you donít have to clean up as often. One easy way to do this is to use an ashtray for cars, or add more of them. Lots of people smoke in their cars, but default ashtrays for cars arenít very large, plus they are not very easy to clean out either. That is why we offer a selection of car ashtrays. Of course, these ashtrays can also be used as change cups, or to hold various small items that you donít want to lose or leave rolling about. The Toyota Car Ashtray features a spring-loaded cover to keep its contents in. It fits into most cup holders, and can also be bought with a heavy-duty rubber boot for a good grip on your dashboard.

Another auto ashtray weíd recommend is the Butt Bucket ashtray. This features a funnel cover that not only traps ashes inside, but also keeps most of the smoke from fallen embers in. It can also extinguish a butt in seconds. Lastly, thereís the rare but very cool TRD Ash Receptacle. This is a perfectly portable ashtray for the conscientious smoker, and can also be used as water-resistant container for small items. After checking out ashtrays for cars, make sure to swing by our interior care section for deodorizing and cleaning sprays. We canít make that spot burn on your seat go away, but at least we can help you keep the interior smelling fresh and clean.