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Wheel Locks

We carry a full line of custom & replacement wheel wheel locks and more!

Brandsport is proud to offer a high quality wheel lock selection. We feature a wide variety of quality chrome wheel locks. Whether you are in the market to replace or upgrade your existing wheel wheel locks, Brandsport can get you just the right chrome, or and even black or anodized wheel locks, for your car, truck , van, SUV, ATV, trailer or pretty much anything else with wheels on it to fit the bill. If you need help determining which style is correct for your vehicle, see the wheel lock selection tool and more below:
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How do I choose the right lug nuts or wheel locks for my car ?
Help me choose my wheel locks

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Custom tuning is not just a hobby – it’s a lifestyle.

Your ride is a big investment of both time and money, and nothing can be more frustrating than discovering that those lightweight, pricey tuner wheels you just splurged on, have been robbed. Don’t be a victim of wheel theft when it can be so easy to prevent. Protect your investment in your ride with wheel locks from Brandsport.

It's all about security baby!

Wheel Locks deter thieves from taking your rims by making it nearly impossible to remove them without a special key. Standard ratchets won’t be able to remove a wheel lock like they can regular lug nuts; to remove a wheel lock properly, you need to attach the key to the end of your ratchet or lug wrench in order to make the locking lug nut fit correctly. Wheel locks are an inexpensive safety measure that you can add to your car or truck to deal with theft before it happens.

We carry all the name brands you can trust.

Brandsport is your source online to get Wheel Locks and lug nuts for your car or truck. We carry a great selection of locking lug nuts in virtually every size and type. Our online store features durable, reliable products from manufacturers such as McGard, Excaliber, West Coast Wheel, Gorilla Auto and more! huge names in the business with more than 30 years’ experience making wheel accessories. Each wheel lock is precisely machined for a perfect fit between lock and key, and that means no accidental stripping. These manufacturers make long lasting and great looking wheel locks – and each lock is cold forged from hardened steel and then chrome plated for a stylish, attractive finish. You can also find wheel locks in a glossy black finish, too.

When you’re shopping for Wheel Locks or Lug Nuts, come to Brandsport. Each of our wheel locks sets carry the manufacturer’s full warranty and we stand behind everything we sell. And that’s not just for wheel locks and lug nuts, but everything we sell – molding and trim, touch up paint, lights, seat covers, towing and hitch accessories and more. With decades of experience in the auto parts industry, we are experts on car accessories and performance parts and pass that expertise and service philosophy on to you.