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1" Wide Body Side Molding

We offer a variety of colors of 1” wide body side moldings for your car, truck, van, SUV, boat or RV. Browse our selection with your color code. If you don’t know your correct color code, then you can order a Color Sample Card to help specify your correct color to match perfectly with the existing molding on your vehicle. Precision Trim provides you with one of the most reliable and reputable brand names available. You know that you will be getting the best trim guards available for you and your vehicle.

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Please note that the colors represented here may vary depending on your screen settings and other factors. If you need to match the color of your molding to your paint please order a free Color Sample Card to ensure a proper color match.

No one will be able to notice the difference once you put on these side body moldings. If you can’t find your color code, then look into our Wide Body Side Molding Color Sample Cards to find the perfect match for your vehicle. Browse through our color sample pictures or find the right color code Either way you can find your body side molding for your vehicle right here. Any colors from blue to black to multiple shades of red,you can find the right match for your vehicle’s molding trim. So, browse through all of our selections of molding trims to find the match that will blend in perfectly. If you are having some trouble finding the perfect match for your molding, then don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can help you make your vehicle stand out while looking finished and completed.