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14mm x 1.25 Lug Bolts & Wheel Locks

(1.25mm Thread spacing)

Do you own or looking at buying a European car? There are always small differences that can’t be anticipated the first time you stray from a domestic automobile, and one prime example comes in the form of Lug Bolts. Most Volkswagens, BMWs and niche Europeans like Citroens use bolts instead of the American standard of lug nuts. Many U.S. auto parts retailers don’t carry a comprehensive selection of 14mm bolts, so looking for replacements or lug bolts to fit aftermarket wheel hubs can be a huge hassle. Below you’ll find what you need for vehicles with 14mm x 1.25 thread wheel studs - including lug nut wrenches, tools and much more! Want peace of mind? isn’t about hassles, and that’s why, in addition to our easy return process and commitment to quality service, we also carry those often hard-to-find parts and accessories, including 14mm bolts.

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Slapping a new set of custom wheels on your ride or just make sure no one swipes the rims you already have? Then you need the quality and security of our 14mm lug bolts and wheel locks. We carry 14mm lug bolts in a variety of different thread lengths, including Small Diameter Lug Bolts. All of our wheel lug bolts come from industry leaders such as Gorilla Automotive, Excalibur, West Coast Wheel and Custom Wheel Accessories, all industry leaders in providing high quality lug nuts, wheel locks and wheel lug bolts. The highest quality available, these cone-seat bolts are made from hardened steel and triple-plated with chrome to give your wheels an extra touch of class. Each 14mm lug bolt is made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Like everything at Brandsport, our lug bolts all come with the original manufacturer’s warranty intact.
The lug bolts we stock at Brandsport are available in the standard Cone Seat style, so you’ll find a perfect fit for your wheels no matter what. Looking for extra security? Invest in bolt locks – lug bolts that can only be removed with a specially-fitted key – to keep your wheels where they belong – on your car or truck. And for tuner enthusiasts, we now carry small diameter lug bolts made just for tuner wheels. has been selling the best auto parts and accessories online since 1998. We have over three decades’ experience in the industry, both as parts suppliers and as auto dealers. That unique perspective informs our philosophy of great service and no hassles. Whether you’re looking for 14mm Lug Bolts or any of the other accessories and performance parts we carry, shop with and be confident you’re getting quality parts and quality service.
Not looking for 14mm Wheel locks or lug bolts? Click here to return to our main Wheel Locks page. These work perfectly as BMW lug bolts, Volkswagen bolts and bolts for other European cars.