7-Spline Lug Nut Keys & Wheel Lock Keys

Wheel lug nut keys are a small, inexpensive part that can be overlooked because in a perfect world, you won’t need to change your tires all that much. When it comes time to change or rotate your tires and you are missing the lug nut key, the value of these parts sky rocket. If you need 7-point lug replacement keys, Brandsport.com is your best source. These 7-spline keys are considered small diameter keys and are designed to fit7-spline small diameter tuner lug nuts. These 7-spline keys are available in several inside diameter sizes including: 5/8-inch, 11/16-inch, and ¾-inch. Since there are different sizes of keys available in the 7-spline family, it is important to get keys that match the specifications or your lug nuts. In addition to purchasing these lug nut keys individually, you can get these 7-spline lug nut keys as a set of three that includes all three sizes of lug nut keys.

Excalibur® Lug Nut Key Small 7-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #98-0350A
Excalibur® Lug Nut Key Medium 7-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #98-0350
Custom Wheel Accessories® Lug Nut Key Large 7-Splined (Female) Sold Individually #6964
Brandsport® Lug Nut Keys Small, Medium, Large 7-Splined (Female) 3-Key Set #7-SPLINE
Brandsport® Master Wheel Lock / Lug Nut Keys 16 or 18 Piece Kit #Keys